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Introducing The TDF + Laminex Design Awards 2021 Residential Architecture Finalists!

The most-read content on The Design Files covers Australian homes, so it’s no surprise that Residential Architecture is the most popular category in our annual TDF + Laminex Design Awards!

In a year dominated by material shortages and project delays, it’s amazing to see so many projects not only being completed, but setting new standards of design excellence. 

As always, our judges (Aaron Peters, director of Vokes and Peters; Kerstin Thompson, principal of Kerstin Thompson Architects; and Tristan Wong, director of​ ​SJB’s Melbourne studio)​ struggled to whittle down the shortlist to just these 18 projects. Take a closer look at them below, and stay tuned for the winners announcement in September!

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/media/k2/items/cache/935dbd09c0a7727e2143877810820513_L.jpgCreate Budding Home UpdatesBring the garden inside to add a romantic and softer touch to your home décor. Though real flowers are always a g

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