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The Inspiring Story Of Kirsten Roberts’ Powerful Survival Paintings

A couple of years ago, Kirsten Roberts was on a career trajectory most people dream of. She had a successful international women’s mentoring business alongside CEO stints, management consultancy roles and even stand-up comedy gigs, until she suffered a life-changing neurological episode in 2019.

Forced to stop for the first time in her life, Kirsten turned to art to heal herself. What emerged was a revelation for the born-again creative: a powerful painting practice that grapples with the strength of women and the artistic spirit. Now she uses her art as a way to spread a fierce political message of self-worth to other women. It’s a truly inspiring story.

Exploring Some Of The Best Swimming Spots In Australia!

At least once a week I (Sally) indulge myself in an escapism fantasy – it’s the same almost every time. I imagine leaving behind the commitment to rent, work and next week’s dinner plans, throwing my bathers and a towel in a bag and hitting the road in search of rivers, lakes, beaches, natural pools and watering holes. Only in my dreams, right?

For Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon, this recurring fantasy was their reality for much of 2017. Taking a break from their fast-paced careers in digital media and environmental science respectively, Caroline and Dillon spent eight months travelling around Australia exploring the country’s swimming spots to compile Places We Swim, a stunning travel guide documenting everything from the humble to the secluded to the spectacular.

This afternoon we chat to the duo about life on the road, checking out of ‘real life’, and their favourite places to swim.

Reader Survey + Your Chance To Win A $5000 Luxico Travel Voucher!

Everyone deserves a holiday right now, so we’ve teamed up with luxury accommodation provider Luxico to send one TDF reader on their best trip yet! 

By entering our annual reader survey, you’ll go in the running to win a whopping $5000 voucher, redeemable on over 300 holiday homes exclusively managed through the luxury accommodation provider. 

Start planning/daydreaming now with our roundup of Luxico’s most incredible properties, then scroll down for the link to enter!

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