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When I was in high school, my very first job was as a waitress (I was HOPELESS) in a popular Melbourne cafe which shall remain nameless!  (It’s still popular!).  The manager quickly realised how completely incompetent I was on the floor, and I was instantly relegated to the role of Juice Girl.  This was during the mid 90’s, when getting a freshly squeezed orange juice with your breakfast was brand new and all the rage, darling. I think we made more fresh OJ’s than coffees that summer, to be honest. I spent every Saturday prepping the equivalent of my body weight in oranges – removing the peel and the pith, and slicing piles and piles of fresh oranges in enormous plastic tubs.

As I worked, the entire work bench would gradually become an overflowing pool of orange juice, dripping from the chopping board down my apron and onto my feet. I would come home covered in sticky residue, with bright orange fingers.  Whenever I prepare today’s recipe, bizarrely, I am reminded of those teenage years, working the juicer for I think $9.00 an hour.  At least I still have a great knack for slicing a juicy naval orange in record time!



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Keen to avoid a ‘typical box on the back’ extension, owners and designers Penny and Simon Barnes crafted an alternative, curving roof extension that utilises every inch of available space on the Carlton North block.

The expanded home remains faithful to the area’s original architecture, while simultaneously providing more space and improved energy efficiency for the couple and their three children. 

The Mother and Daughter Duo Uncovering Perth’s Hidden Terrazzo Floors

The terrazzo love is strong across Australia’s design scene (we would know!), but there’s something extra special about uncovering a legacy story around its local craftsmanship. Penny Bovell and Gabrielle Howlett (an artist and project manager respectively) are a mother and daughter duo from Perth whose fascination with terrazzo artisan Giuseppe Scolaro has been a decades-long pursuit.

As part of Fremantle’s winter festival, 10 Nights in Port, the pair collate their years of research into Giuseppe’s work into an exhibition, talk and workshop series. Underneath/Overlooked – Bonded & Resilient displays documentation of the 110 sites Gabrielle and Penny unearthed over years of social media crowdsourcing and public campaigning. It features documentation of the families that live in houses with bespoke, handmade Scolaro floors, plus an installation of the original Scolaro cottage, adorned with digitally printed tile patterns.

The passion in this project is so real!

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Built in 1984 by a local builder, the house has been slowly renovated by Virginia over the past decade, and has evolved alongside her now-teenage children.

The home’s location, just steps from Point Roadknight beach, is simply the cherry on top!

Spiced Chickpea, Couscous and Haloumi plate – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Another quick and tasty meal idea today, this time inspired by Middle Eastern flavours (sort of).

Once again, today’s dish takes full advantage of store-bought and pre-cooked bits and pieces, to minimise prep time in the kitchen. Canned chickpeas and store-bought hommous are my new best friends!

Also, FRIED HALOUMI. Always a good idea.

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