Meatless Monday: Happy International Sushi Day

This Meatless Monday, celebrate International Sushi Day by making your own vegetarian sushi at home.On top of it being my birthday (yes, really), there’s another reason to celebrate today: June 18 is



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5 Tips for Traveling Amid COVID-19

5 Tips for Traveling Amid COVID-19The spread of new COVID-19 variants and lower vaccination rates in developing countries continue to impact the ability to move freely throughout the world. For travel

A Biophilic Family Home Among The Trees

Millie and Dave Wells searched for 12 months for a family home to renovate, and they found it in this Warrandyte property.

Since moving in four years ago, the couple and their three children (Luella, 10, Isla, 8, and Arty, 7), have undertaken extensive renovations, bringing the outdoors in at every opportunity.

It’s a contemporary home, but with an enchanting and timeless feel, facilitated by its location among the trees in Melbourne’s outer east. 

Hand Painted Textile Designs Inspired By Canberra’s Modernist Architecture

For Sarah Annand, textiles are the medium that fuses all her creative loves together. Her brand Oat Studio is a way for the designer to unite photography, painting and architecture in fabric design.

Sarah’s textile designs are a culmination of decade of experience in the local fabric industry, a degree in art history and her love for Canberra’s modernist architecture. An unexpected trifecta!



Swordfish Souvlaki with Fennel Salad – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

This seriously tasty skewered swordfish recipe features the flavours Cle-ann grew up with – authentic Greek oregano, lemon juice and olive oil. According to Cle-ann, these three ingredients are the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Greek cooking!

This dish is made 1000x more flavoursome and aromatic by using authentic Greek oregano, or ‘rigani’, which is dried on the stem, and can be found in Greek supermarkets or grocery stores.  So much tastier and more fragrant than the dusty dried oregano in jars you can find in your regular supermarket… seriously!  Highly recommend seeking out the real stuff for the tastiest results!

Yes, Technically, Drinking Cold Water Burns More Calories—But There’s A Catch

Hello again, and welcome to another installment of’s weight-loss myth busters. Previous topics have ranged from whether strength training or cardio burns more calories to the sad-but-tr

What’s the Whole Story on Whole30?

What’s the whole story with the Whole30 program? It’s a nutritional reset plan that has worked for countless people, and many of those who have done it swear by it — and defend it up and down. I

Chelsea Hing's Pearls of Wisdom On Building A Successful Career in Interior Design

Navigating the creative industries can be a minefield as a newly minted university graduate. Questions like: How do I find pathways into my dream career?, What did my professional idols do when they were in my position? and Where do I even start? exist for everyone, no matter what grades you get!

This is Words from the Wise, a new series where we pair leading artists, designers and architects with graduates from Monash Art, Design and Architecture for a conversation about their work. Through this series of monthly interviews, we’ll hear stories of careers from the ground up, words of advice, and thoughts on the future of these creative industries, from one generation to the next.

To kick it off, undergraduate in a Bachelor of Spatial Design, Megan Phillips, interviews interior design legend Chelsea Hing (a Monash alum!) from Chelsea’s sunny South Melbourne studio. In this inspiring chat they cover Chelsea’s winding path to interior design, managing expectations of the working world + the importance of curiosity.


An Artist’s Art Deco Apartment On Bondi Beach!

If you’ve ever been to Bondi Beach, you’ve likely looked up at the apartments directly opposite, and wondered  who lives there, and wakes up to *that* view every morning. Daimon Downey and Georgia Gorman are two of these lucky people, as the occupants of an apartment located above a restaurant and a surf shop. Does it get any more ‘Sydney’ than that?!

This apartment has been Daimon’s home for over 10 years, and the place you’ll often find him creating art while looking out at the expansive ocean views. The colour-filled space is a reflection of his current work, and to some extent, the chaos and energy of his former lives as a DJ, restaurateur and member of the iconic 2000s band Sneaky Sound System (!)

Spiced Chickpea, Couscous and Haloumi plate – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Another quick and tasty meal idea today, this time inspired by Middle Eastern flavours (sort of).

Once again, today’s dish takes full advantage of store-bought and pre-cooked bits and pieces, to minimise prep time in the kitchen. Canned chickpeas and store-bought hommous are my new best friends!

Also, FRIED HALOUMI. Always a good idea.

Ian McMaugh – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Sydney landscape designer and editor of The Planthunter joins us again today with Plant / Life, her monthly garden column!  Today Georgina introduces the lush Redfern garden of fashion designer turned garden designer Ian McMaugh.  It’s a treasure trove of unusual plantings and epiphytes (plants that grow on other plants) – the perfect treatment for a challenging and very tiny outdoor space! – Lucy

This is the Best Form of Cardio For Fat Loss

Researchers have been debating this question for decades: When it comes to fat loss, are people better off doing HIIT or traditional cardio? There’s little doubt exercise is great for helping pe

Meatless Monday: Dip It Good

Try one of these tasty dips or spreads to take raw veggies and crackers to the next level.What do pretzels, carrot sticks, and endive have in common? Well, they all taste better when dunked into a tas

The Gorgeous Family Home Of The Design Files Advertising Manager!

We’ve been begging our Advertising and Sponsorship Manager Chelsea Hall to share her renovated Carnegie home with us since 2018, and today is finally the day!

Together with husband Stuart, LSA Architects, and Calibre Custom Builds, Chelsea has turned a once rundown student share house (with locking doors and TV ports in every room!) into a warm family home that’s just as comfortable as it is totally stylish.

Long-time TDF readers will recognise plenty of artwork and objects we’ve featured over the years – let’s just say Chelsea’s place is our idea of the ultimate Melbourne family home!

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