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A Stunning Mid-Century Renovation In Dandenong

The suburb of Dandenong, around 30km South East of Melbourne isn’t one that often jumps up in the ‘hottest properties’ lists online. But for PR guru Jade Roberts of raraPR, the location offered a dreamy mid-century home that aligned with her budget and wish-list. A good lesson in trawling online to find hidden gems!

Jade shares this renovated home with husband Wes and their three daughters Edith (7), Rose (5) and Mae (3), and two cockerbull dogs Bobby and Disco.

A Minty Fresh Addition For Beloved Flemington Family Home

From the moment architect Lisa Breeze met the clients of this Flemington home, she knew this was going to be a special project.

The 1940s home once belonged to one owner’s great great uncle and aunt, so maintaining its nostalgic feel and character was essential.

Drawing heavily on original features such as the mint green retro kitchen cabinetry for inspiration, Lisa and the clients worked together to create a high functioning home that honours its history.

Why a Pound of Muscle is Better Than a Pound of Fat

“Muscle weighs more than fat” is a common phrase you’ll often hear at the gym or from well-meaning friends. The conventional wisdom being that, if your clothes fit better but you haven’t lost an

4 Keys to a Successful Side Hustle

LifestyleCareer & Finance4 Keys to a Successful Side Hustle

4 Keys to a Successful Side Hustle - 13837

4 Keys to a Successful Side Hustle

Deciding to join the leagues of entrepreneurs launching a part-time small business can be a major personal and professional step. It’s a way to stretch your creative muscles, build new skills, earn extra income from home and potentially unlock additional possibilities for you and your family in the future. It’s also a significant investment of your time and talents, which is why it’s important to choose the right “side hustle” for you.

Most part-time small business owners get started because they want extra income, low-risk wages, flexibility and the opportunity to contribute to the common good. However, these benefits are not enjoyed evenly across the many different types of businesses you may be considering. Learn to ask smarter questions about these highly sought-after benefits to make sure you find the right fit for you and your family:

  1. Extra income: Many people seek a side job with a specific, money-oriented goal in mind. That can be increasing the monthly household income, saving toward a down payment for a new home or going on a vacation. In order to make the income you want, it’s important to look at how much you can expect to earn on an ongoing basis. Look for a side gig that solves daily problems around necessities like cooking or eating to ensure your services are in-demand year-round.
  1. Low-risk wages: The ideal side job is easy to start without heavy investment or training. An independent consultant business, for example, can provide low start-up costs, easy ways to join and the built-in appeal of an already established brand, so you can get to earning extra income faster. Before jumping on board, take time to learn the start-up costs associated with any part-time gig and how long it will take you to learn the necessary skills to recoup your investment.

“Starting a business can be a very expensive thing,” Pampered Chef consultant Rachel Hanson said. “I was looking for something that was affordable and gave me everything I needed to get started.”

  1. Flexibility and family time: Being your own boss allows you to decide when you will work and when you won’t, but some side gigs require work during “high-traffic” times that can detract from the freedom you are seeking. Be sure to pick a side hustle that fits your schedule and can be done at any time – or even from the comfort of your own home – if flexibility is important to you.
  1. Work with purpose: If you get your drive from a powerful sense of purpose, like improving people’s health or bringing families together, a side job that makes an impact is likely to give you the job satisfaction you need to succeed long-term. There are many franchise and direct-sales businesses that have strong charitable partnerships so you can give back locally while you earn extra cash. Beyond charitable work, look for roles where you are teaching important skills or solving common problems for your customers, beyond simply selling products.

Learn more about opportunities for creating your own part-time business at pamperedchef.com/be-a-consultant.


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