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A Miraculous Floating Garden + Pool in Brisbane

The stalwart characteristics of the Australian dream present an outdated concept for new architectural prospects. A terrace, two car garage and pool for a suburban nuclear family doesn’t fit the bill for cutting-edge residential design these days.

And yet a collaboration between Kieron Gait Architects and Dan Young Landscape Architect delivered a complete innovation of that brief, complete with one of the best pools we’ve seen in a while.

Chocolate Almond Cake with Roasted Rhubarb – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Another total crowd pleaser from Julia Busuttil of OSTRO today!  Julia’s chocolate almond cake is in all honesty the most delicious chocolate cake I have tasted.  It is so rich and fudgy but not too sweet – and perfectly paired with the tart, juicy roasted rhubarbs.  Oh and it’s gluten free, too! – Lucy


Why Physical Activity Alone Won’t Guarantee Weight Loss

All those extra hours in the gym have proven one key thing: You can’t sweat yourself slim. You’d think it was just a matter of math: Up your activity level, burn more calories than you eat, and

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Grandparent Getaways

Grandparent GetawaysTrips to take with your grandchildren- \"No parents allowed.\" It\'s not a sign on a kid-only clubhouse, it\'s the first rule of travel for memory-making grandparent/grandchild vacatio

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Tips for Traveling With Your DogHeather Loenser, DVM, knows first-hand the joys and challenges of traveling with her dog. She and her family recently adopted a year-old Border collie named Calvin. \"As

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Road TripFrom the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge, the country is bursting with fun, family-friendly vacation destinations. National parks are a classic road tri

4 Tips for Summer Tire Safety

4 Tips for Summer Tire SafetyAs temperatures start to rise, checking your tires’ air pressure can help protect them from the heat when hitting the road this summer. Whether you’re trekking cross-count

Check International Travel Off Your Bucket List

Check International Travel Off Your Bucket ListInternational travel tops the bucket lists of many aspiring travelers. However, two-thirds of Americans aren’t ready for international travel because onl

Go Exploring for These Hidden Travel Gems

Go Exploring for These Hidden Travel GemsDiscovering a region’s secret treasures is one of the greatest rewards of travel. When you embrace an adventurer’s spirit, there’s no telling just where you’ll

Appetite for Adventure

Appetite for AdventureFrom your own hometown to the far reaches of the globe, there are thousands of destinations just waiting to be discovered by adventurous souls. Satisfying your itch to get out an

Pursue Your Travel Passions

Pursue Your Travel PassionsAsk nearly any person about his or her dream trip and watch a smile appear as the perfect personal excursion is described. Now, ask why the trip has yet to happen, and time

5 Ways to Rev Up for a Travel Adventure

5 Ways to Rev Up for a Travel AdventureHitting the open road continues to be an increasingly popular vacation option for families. As spring approaches, the idea of exploring the country in full bloom

Adventurous Travel for the Winter Season

Adventurous Travel for the Winter SeasonThere is something about the winter months that seems to awaken a sense of wanderlust in many people. Whether it’s the need for an escape from the bitter, drab

Road Trip Ready: How to pack travel essentials

Road Trip Ready: How to pack travel essentialsWhether you\'re planning a cross-country vacation or just a weekend getaway, packing for a road trip doesn\'t have to be a daunting task. Creating a packing

What to Consider When Planning a Cruise

What to Consider When Planning a CruiseEveryone loves going on vacation, but planning your getaway is another story with questions like where and when to go, how to get there and how much it will cost

Practical Tips to Prep for Holiday Travel

Practical Tips to Prep for Holiday TravelPlanning travel around the holidays is rarely simple. Coordinating flights or ground transportation is often just the beginning, and safely arriving at your de

Unplug with an Outdoor-Oriented Vacation

Unplug with an Outdoor-Oriented VacationA family vacation is the perfect time to unwind, but it can be even more relaxing with time spent outdoors enjoying nature in all its beauty. Whether you plan y

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