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Middle Eastern Stuffed Chicken with Freekeh and Oranges – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Jad and Hady Choucair of Mankoushe leave us today with one of their favourite recipes – stuffed baby chicken with freekeh and orange.

This dish, inherited from an Egyptian neighbour Jad and Hady knew when living in Lebanon, combines garlic, ginger, turmeric, orange and olive oil. It’s a recipe that it hasn’t changed from its origins in Alexandria, via Beirut to Brunswick East.


This Lower North Shore Family House Feels Like A Permanent Vacation!

Principal of Manolev Associates Architects Kiril Manolev fought long and hard to retain the impressive, mature palm trees on this Lower North Shore property.

The architect was engaged to design a new house onsite that retained the trees, but the original clients ended up selling the property before construction could commence.

Recognising the trees’ likely fate in new hands, Kiril contacted a buyer he knew looking to purchase in the area, and after looking at his design, they decided to buy the property and save the day! 

The resulting ‘Whisper House’ embraces its surroundings, particularly those two Bangalow palms, which frame the entry and provide a solid identity.

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