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The Most Inspiring Tiny Homes Of 2021

Whenever we publish a tiny or micro house on The Design Files, we can basically guarantee it will become our top-performing story of the week! 

In 2021, we discovered some of the most inspiring small designs yet, ranging from shipping containers converted into accommodation, to prefabricated dwellings available for purchase. 

We simply can’t get enough of these innovative, environmentally-conscious spaces – so here’s a recap of the most inspiring examples we’ve come across over the past twelve months.

Matt and Lentil Of Grown&Gathered – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Today our garden columnist Georgia Reid of The Planthunter introduces us to Matt and Lentil Purbrick of Grown & Gathered, who have crafted an idyllic life in Tabilk, an hour and a half north of Melbourne.  TODAY we admire their bountiful gardens… and later this week we’ll check out their house!

The Student Ceramicist Suspending Time In Clay

Last year’s lockdowns were a turning point in the fledgling practice of student ceramicist, Bell Carver. Where she had previously kept her focus on functional objects, stay-at-home orders and banishment from the RMIT studios led the young creative to play around with the conceptual side of ceramics. And then these experiments won her the inaugural Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize!

Bell’s gentle porcelain orbs attempt to encapsulate the experience of the months-long lockdown in clay. Two creamy hemispheres split apart along an imaginary central axis remain joined at the seam to represent the slow but assured separation of everyone around the world. Whether by chance or design, Bell’s pieces resemble the earth turned upside down, or completely split in two.

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