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An Amazingly Abundant Lawn-Free Garden In Northcote

If you were asked you to imagine your perfect garden, what would it include? A front yard that acts like a welcome mat to your house? Paving stone steppers that wind a path through lush plants? Beds positively stuffed with soft and colourful flowers? A pizza oven?

Chances are it would look something like the Sharp Street project by Peachy Green, which contains all of these features! This gorgeous suburban garden combines family functionality with a dreamy, rambling ambience that is totally picturesque.

It’s a perfectly balanced outdoor space: every utilitarian moment is softened by greenery, foliage and flora. Put simply, this is a gardener’s garden!


This Amazing Inner-City Warehouse Is A Renter's Dream

Every so often we meet people who have hit the rental property jackpot, like Christina Economous and Barun Chatterjee, who have been living in this amazing warehouse in West Melbourne since mid last year.

The print specialist and filmmaker live and work in this generous space, which they’ve filled with an eclectic mix of industrial inspired furniture and artwork. Today we take you inside this creative couple’s inner city haven!

The Heartbreakingly Beautiful Flowers Of Soho Rose Farm – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Roses hold a sort of miraculous quality. There is perhaps no flower more imbued with the symbolism of love, beauty and devotion.

Soho Rose Farm in Victoria has a bit of a love story of its own. When more than 8000 rose bushes were set to be destroyed on a retired flower farm in Drysdale, florist Kristy Tippett and her husband Brock stepped in to save them. The couple corralled a team of people, who worked tirelessly to uproot and relocate  each individual rose bush, to be replanted on Kristy and Brock’s own farm, 2.5 hours away. Despite no experience with commercial growing, Kristy has spent the last three years tending to the roses, and cultivating the most glorious flower farm.

We talked to Kristy to find out a little more about the journey of Soho Rose Farm, and the magic of the humble garden rose.

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