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Wonderful Watermelon

Watermelon is a healthy snack that will keep you hydrated all summer long!A friend of mine is very pregnant, and she has been obsessed with watermelon for the past few weeks. When I say obsessed, I me

The Gorgeous Family Home Of The Design Files Advertising Manager!

We’ve been begging our Advertising and Sponsorship Manager Chelsea Hall to share her renovated Carnegie home with us since 2018, and today is finally the day!

Together with husband Stuart, LSA Architects, and Calibre Custom Builds, Chelsea has turned a once rundown student share house (with locking doors and TV ports in every room!) into a warm family home that’s just as comfortable as it is totally stylish.

Long-time TDF readers will recognise plenty of artwork and objects we’ve featured over the years – let’s just say Chelsea’s place is our idea of the ultimate Melbourne family home!

This Remote Fisherman’s Shack Is A Little Slice of Heaven

Back in 2013, Jamie and Ingrid Kwong passed this isolated fisherman’s shack buried in the rock face of Great Mackerel Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign. They could see the ramshackle state it was in from their old wooden boat, but that was half the romance.

After a loving restoration, the pair now share their beloved holiday destination with other seafaring folk. The Little Black Shack is a rustic gem filled with Jamie and Ingrid’s handcrafted furniture, panoramic bay views and the promise of a simpler life.

Inside the New Spa at Halcyon House

TravelInside the New Spa at Halcyon House

It’s impossible not to be instantly impressed by the feeling and aesthetic of Halcyon House. With interior designer Anna Spiro at the helm of the project, her layered, eclectic style, combining one-off antiques with bright, textural prints, makes the whole place feel like a relaxed home… of the most stylish person you’ve ever met. The freshly opened spa has taken all this up a notch, if that’s even possible!

Unlike the minimal, clinical look of most spas, the Halcyon House Spa styling is in-your-face, in the best possible way. Visitors are greeted by an eclectic mix of plush upholstered seating, bright blue-and-green Hibiscus printed curtains and wallpaper from Anna’s own textiles line, Anna Spiro Textiles, soaring, arched bookcases in the waiting room, terracotta tiles underfoot, and a mosaic of Moroccan tiles that line the spa counter.

‘I based the colour palette on the beach and the ocean – from sandy beige to pale shell pink, right through to seafoam, turquoise and deep blue,’ Anna explains, ‘I wanted guests to feel at ease and rested, yet inspired by the prints and patterns I used’. Each treatment room in the spa has its own unique look, defined by a joyful clash of print and pattern. ‘I’ve learned that detail and layering and collecting is of paramount importance to creating a unique, comfortable look,’ says Anna.

I was lucky enough to experience the Halcyon Signature Radiance Facial and the Relax Massage during my stay at Halcyon House, which were both outstanding. I appreciated that the spa uses Australian skincare brand Sodashi (I’m now a convert), and loved chatting to Alessandra Viel, the brains behind the spa treatments, who is intensely passionate and knowledgeable.

After a magical few days at Halcyon, I left relaxed, rejuvenated and a little disappointed to return to my normal life, where daily spa treatments and fine dining at every meal is not my reality. I still haven’t taken that nail polish off though.

Check out the new Halcyon House Spa offerings here!

‘I wanted the spa to be a continuation of the Halcyon story, yet with a slightly new, fresh vibe to tantalise and inspire guests,’ explains Halcyon House interior designer, Anna Spiro. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Anna sourced everything from the terracotta tiles to every individual antique on the shelves! Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Waiting room detail at Halcyon House spa. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Anna’s signature layered, eclectic style in all its glory! Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Details of sourced antiques. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

‘Our Oahu fabric with its Hawaiian-inspired Hibiscus pattern was the perfect fit… I also mixed our Anna Spiro Textiles with some of my favourite fabrics from overseas Designers such as Soane, Carolina Irving, Blithfield and Lulu DK.’
Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

One of the stunning treatment rooms at the new Halcyon House Spa. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Seashell light fixtures, inspired by the beachside location of Halcyon House! Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Treatment room details. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Another stunning treatment room in the newly-opened spa at Halcyon House. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

‘I wanted guests to feel at ease and rested yet inspired by the prints and patterns I used in the fabrics on the walls, sofas, armchairs and lampshades,’ says Anna. Mission accomplished! Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

A small boutique for pre and post treatment browsing! Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

One of Anna’s favourite spa details are these pineapple lamp bases from her friend Charlotte Coote, with shades made by Matilda Goad in the UK. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

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