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A Vintage Seller’s Beautifully Curated Melbourne Home

Leah Holt spent years moving house every six to 12 months, until finding this Flemington rental property with her partner Oliver Whiteley, where she finally feels settled.

As the operations and projects manager at Curated Spaces, and owner of vintage furniture studio LH Design Hub, Leah has access to some pretty incredible furniture. This gorgeous array of pieces, alongside modifications to the lighting and backyard, have turned this rented home into one seriously stylish and cohesive abode!

9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan

When it comes to living the longest, and the healthiest, the Japanese are Number 1 — quite literally. Children born in Japan today enjoy the best life expectancy of any country in the world: 84

A Sweet Art Deco Family Apartment In Bellevue Hill

There’s a European feel to the home of Nicole Nelius – an art deco apartment in Sydney’s Bellevue Hill.

The artist and her husband Christopher Nelius (director of films like Girls Can’t Surf and co-founder of global wildlife fund The Lion’s Share) lives here with their two sons Remy (5) and August (2), surrounded by artworks, books and secondhand finds. 

With numerous parks and beaches on their doorstep, it’s the ultimate Eastern Suburbs apartment!

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FOODVegetarian Pho - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

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