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Michelle's Dinner – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

After a month of inspired family meal ideas, Michelle Schoeps of Love & Bones Broth is leaving us today. Having dedicated a dish to each member of her family this month, Michelle leaves us with a dinner designed for no one but Mum!

As with most of her own meals, Michelle’s dauphinoise potatoes with fried onion, peas and mackerel is inspired by kitchen leftovers and pantry staples. Prepared as an individual serve, Michelle enjoys this deliciously decadent one-pan dish after her three kids are safely tucked away for the night.

A Stunning Mid-Century Renovation In Dandenong

The suburb of Dandenong, around 30km South East of Melbourne isn’t one that often jumps up in the ‘hottest properties’ lists online. But for PR guru Jade Roberts of raraPR, the location offered a dreamy mid-century home that aligned with her budget and wish-list. A good lesson in trawling online to find hidden gems!

Jade shares this renovated home with husband Wes and their three daughters Edith (7), Rose (5) and Mae (3), and two cockerbull dogs Bobby and Disco.

A Fremantle House That Puts Its Garden First

Nic Brunsdon is not a landscape designer, but when engaged to renovate this East Fremantle home, he knew the garden had to be the number one priority. 

Acting on this vision with Seedesign Studio, the architect transformed the once dark property into a remarkable home inhabited by the light, sky, sound, and breeze of an all-enveloping garden. 

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