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A Lean, Clean Renovation To A Grand Heritage Weatherboard

Combining the character of a heritage home with the minimalism of a contemporary renovation is a tricky balance to strike – and one which requires a lot of restraint. The Folks House by ioa Studio is a simple yet masterful response to that challenge.

Working within the footprint of the original home, architect Amy Bracks made use of a refined material palette and custom joinery to open up the previously cavernous space.

Let there be light!

A Truly Sympathetic Mid-Century Home Restoration

This 1960 Ivanhoe East house, originally designed by architects Hipwell, Weight & Mason, was close to perfection upon its completion. Subsequent ‘90s renovations unfortunately compromised its design integrity, leading to a recent interior restoration by Pop Architecture. 

Looking to the original house plans for inspiration, Pop Architecture enhanced the home’s spirit by removing superfluous details and introducing subtle modern materials. The home’s leafy outlook to the Yarra River was also reinstated, once again serving as the home’s intended focal point. 

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