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Smart Ways to Keep Travel Spending in Check

Smart Ways to Keep Travel Spending in CheckWith more people getting vaccinated, many are looking forward to reuniting with loved ones and making up for lost vacation time. However, budget is often a p

Quinoa and Smoked Chicken bowl – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Today I’m sharing the final healthy lunch bowl idea in this series, and this one takes full advantage of my new obsession with sneaky pre-prepared meal ingredients!

In fact, the only element you really have to cook is the quinoa. All other key ingredients (chicken, beetroot, beans) can be found pre-cooked, and served straight out of the packet. Just rinse, slice and serve!

A Shed-Inspired Home, Designed To Age Gracefully

After 20-plus years living in the one humble house, the owners of this property in Bellbrae, Victoria, were in need of an improved home to better support their recent retirement. 

The clients’ brief to Wiesebrock Architecture was multifaceted, calling for sustainable design measures, and a flexible floor plan suitable for the couple and regular guests. 

The young architecture studio created two pavilions in response, comprising the primary house and a guest pavilion. This second pavilion provides ample room for additional bedrooms, as well as a quiet space for one of the owners, who’s currently completing a PHD in literature. Talk about retirement goals!

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