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Ask the Dietitian: Am I Eating Too Few Calories to Lose Weight?

We cover a lot of ground when it comes to nutrition at MyFitnessPal. Some of the topics can be tricky and deserve further explanation from our experts. That’s why I’m here! We asked you for you

Aging with Vitality, Grace and Confidence

Aging with Vitality, Grace and ConfidenceIt’s one of the great ironies of life: Your reward for surviving the tumultuous teen years, establishing a career and nurturing a family culminates in dry skin

Ploughman's Lunch – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

When I imagined what to make for this Ploughman’s lunch, I knew it had to be HEARTY and made with heart. A Ploughman’s lunch is traditionally an old English cold meal consisting of cold meats, pickles, bread and cheese. As its name suggests it was designed for ploughmen to eat on the farm, offering them sustenance to get through the day. Following last week’s Ladies Lunch, I thought it was only fair that I put together a more blokey lunchbox option. I imagined what my brother-in-law would love to eat, and decided on a pastrami roll, sweet potato salad, some snacks and a hedgehog. Guaranteed to fill you up for the day!

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Get the look and save with DIY fabric painting tips

/media/k2/items/cache/8dc425b2acbf9c68064b8a63eae1ffbc_L.jpgGet the look and save with DIY fabric painting tipsIf you\'re looking to make some upgrades around the house, but don\'t have the budget for b

Personal Finance Video Series Seeks to Educate

Personal Finance Video Series Seeks to EducateEconomic uncertainty has become the norm in today\'s global monetary system. Financial expert and author Mike Maloney believes the actions of Congress and

10 Frugal Gardening Tricks

10 Frugal Gardening TricksFun, frugal and environmentally-friendly, these tricks will help you get a great garden:Use a yardstick and permanent marker to mark inches and feet on the handle of your rak

5 Financial Tips for Teens

5 Financial Tips for TeensWhen it comes to economics, many teens’ mouths write checks their knowledge can’t cash. While 93% of American teens say they know how the economy works, 29% have had no econo

Pursue Your Travel Passions

Pursue Your Travel PassionsAsk nearly any person about his or her dream trip and watch a smile appear as the perfect personal excursion is described. Now, ask why the trip has yet to happen, and time

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