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Experts Debate: Should You Weigh Yourself Every Day?

While the number on the scale is not the end all be all measure of health, it is a factor of the health puzzle that can’t be overlooked: Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of healt

Is Fast Weight Loss or Slow Weight Loss Better for Long-Term Success?

To some extent, everyone wants immediate results — especially when it comes to weight loss (cue fad diets and “miracle” diet pills). Eating healthy, staying active and cutting calories are prove

Road Trip Ready: How to pack travel essentials

Road Trip Ready: How to pack travel essentialsWhether you\'re planning a cross-country vacation or just a weekend getaway, packing for a road trip doesn\'t have to be a daunting task. Creating a packing

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Grandparent Getaways

Grandparent GetawaysTrips to take with your grandchildren- \"No parents allowed.\" It\'s not a sign on a kid-only clubhouse, it\'s the first rule of travel for memory-making grandparent/grandchild vacatio

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