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Which Is Harder: Losing Weight or Keeping it Off?

When your goal is to lose weight, being tunnel-vision focused on dropping those pounds isn’t totally a bad thing. The more you focus, the more likely you are to stick to your plan, even when you

Your Lifestyle Can Make Up For a Genetic Predisposition to Weight Gain

Looking through generations of family photos, you may notice it’s not just facial features that seem to be inherited — in many families, body shape and weight seem to get handed down just as eas

Food Guilt Is a Waste of Time—and It’s Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Goals

Indulging in delicious treats is good. Indulging in food guilt about it is the exact opposite. You might know the feeling: That sinking pit in your stomach after having a donut, cheeseburger, or

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Gardening With Charlie – Great Homemade Garden Gifts

/media/k2/items/cache/938a195f8810cb9b31c6503221891897_L.jpgGardening With Charlie - Great Homemade Garden Gifts- Some of the best holiday gifts I\'ve ever received were handmade items from the garden.

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