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5 Ways to Rev Up for a Travel Adventure

5 Ways to Rev Up for a Travel AdventureHitting the open road continues to be an increasingly popular vacation option for families. As spring approaches, the idea of exploring the country in full bloom

Erica Wagner and Craig Smith – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

The West Brunswick garden of children’s book Illustrator Craig Smith, and artist / publisher Erica Wagner is a lush suburban oasis.  

Abundant with native plantings and fresh veggies, the backyard also houses two art studios, used by both Erica and Craig in their respective creative fields. The pair have been here 15 years!

Our gardens columnist, Georgina Reid of The Planthunter gives us the full story.

A Magical Family Garden As Productive As It Is Pretty

Anastasia Elias renovated her home in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs at the beginning of 2019, and began planting the garden in winter of the same year, just before her young family moved into their new house. In that short time, the garden has become an abundant wonderland – sprouting with vegetable patches and self-seeded flowers that scatter the meandering front grass of their own accord.

Anastasia is a self-taught gardener, and her passion for horticulture is guided by a concept called biophilia: the belief in an intense and symbiotic affinity between humans and the natural world. This approach permeates the entire garden, from the cubby house overgrown with jasmine and violets, to the lunar calendar that she uses to plot her planting cycles.

This is a deeply holistic family garden, one that is constantly informing and framing the human lives that tend it.

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