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Shaping The Future Of Design Materials, With Designer Jessie French

Did you know that seaweed has truly extraordinary carbon sequestering qualities – absorbing around five times more carbon than most land-based plants? But that’s not where its superpowers end. Seaweed also presents incredible opportunities as a biofuel and renewable bioplastic, and it’s these qualities which have spurred Melbourne based artist and experimental designer Jessie French on a passionate quest to investigate seaweed, and its potential to contribute to a ‘post-petrochemical’ world.

After studying the diverse material properties of seaweed for around five years, in 2019, Jessie befriended the founder of Seaweed Appreciation Society International (SASi), comically named Lichen Kelp (!), and together the pair applied for an artist residency in Morocco, which produces most of the world’s agar from red algae. They won it, and in 2020, the pair set out to North Africa, to experiment with seaweed-based recipes for bioplastics.

The resin-like pieces Jessie now makes under her practice, Other Matter, are the result of these years of research. We recently visited Jessie in the fantastic new studio space in Melbourne’s CBD she shares with ceramicists Fluff Corp. and asked her a million and one questions about her fascinating explorations!

A Home Among The Gumtrees Where Nature Is Everything

When it comes to architectural beach and country properties, often the home itself appears as a real ‘statement’ within its environment. For the house at Killora Bay by Lara Maeseele in association with Tanner Architects, the opposite is true.

For this home, the magnificent beauty of the surrounding Tasmanian White Gums and Grass Trees are the main event, and the house built within their dense canopy simply facilitates a symbiotic relationship with the landscape.

Spanish-Influenced Australian Homestead In The Byron Hinterlands

After proving their design, sustainability, community and regenerative agriculture prowess with The Farm in Byron Bay, Emma and Tom Lane share with us their own spectacular home, The Range in Coopers Shoot in the Byron Hinterland. To state the obvious – It is breathtaking!

Set on on 120 acres, this dreamy family home was designed and built using adaptive reuse principles, with an emphasis on natural and recycled materials. Emma and Tom share the place with their children Charlie (15), George (12), Matilda (10) and Lulu (8). 

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