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A Prototype For Accessible + Responsible Housing In The Suburbs

According to a recent report by the ABC, developments in the outer suburbs of big cities can get up to 10 degrees hotter than the city centre. This is due to overdevelopment and poor town planning, where every inch of usable land is occupied with a house, thereby leaving little room for either private or public open place.

From both a human and environmental perspective, we desperately need responsibly designed, accessible housing in new suburban developments. The LiveWorkShare House by Bligh Graham Architects is a prototype for sustainable, flexible housing in high-density blocks.

Located in Samford village just outside Brisbane, the project covers only 40% of its 612 sqm site. Formulated with the work-from-home model in mind, the architects emphasise smart design as a way to achieve the trifecta of functional diversity, density and green space at once.

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