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An 1880s Waterfront Home In Sydney That Defines Understated Luxury

Interior designer Linda Habak and her husband Jason were already long-time locals of Sydney’s Lower North Shore when they set out to find a renovation project in the area. After a two year search, they came across this 1881 sandstone cottage on a block with water views, and immediately saw the potential to transform it into a generous villa.

With the help of Campbell Architecture, Linda, Jason and their three daughters have created an exceptional family home that exudes understated luxury!

A Contemporary Beach House Designed By An Architect For Her Parents!

When creating a new home surrounded by owner-built properties on the NSW South Coast, the owners were intent on ensuring the result was modest, not ostentatious, and respectful of the local community. The perfect person for the job? Their daughter, architect Madeleine Blanchfield!

Not only did Madeleine perfectly understand the desires of her parents, her architecture expertise enabled a sympathetic design response perfectly suited to its Bendalong context. 

The 2019-2020 bushfires threatened to destroy this home not long after completion (as evidenced in photos of the surrounding trees), but fortunately it was built to BAL – 19 standards, and thanks to the tireless work of the Rural Fire Service, it is still standing strong!

A Personality-Filled Off-The-Plan Apartment

Off the plan apartments often get a bad rap for being small and soulless, but this one in Fitzroy shows just what can be achieved in these spaces.

Imogen Milford and her family have extensively renovated their Fitzroy apartment to feature customised finishes and an updated floorplan, complemented by maximalist interiors, brimming with pieces by local artists and designers.

Planning a Joyful Summer Escape

Planning a Joyful Summer EscapeNearly everyone needs something to look forward to again, and few things can bring more joy than planning the perfect getaway. Many travelers have different ideas in min

5 Physical Factors of Weight Loss Nobody Talks About

Getting on track with a weight-loss strategy can feel amazing when the results start rolling in. But in addition to losing weight — in particular water weight initially and then fat as you progr

Seaside Inspiration for the Home

/media/k2/items/cache/e9c724eeb5636d1c1c1a2c2e85d40377_L.jpgSeaside Inspiration for the HomeTrips to the beach are popular getaways - but if you can\'t get to the beach, you can bring it to your home.F

Kid-Friendly Projects Fuel Winter Family Fun

/media/k2/items/cache/2a14beb1aee2d71c6fecb12f25c690f7_L.jpgKid-Friendly Projects Fuel Winter Family FunColder temperatures mean more indoor time, making it a challenge to find activities that will ke

Seaside Inspiration for the Home

/media/k2/items/cache/e9c724eeb5636d1c1c1a2c2e85d40377_L.jpgSeaside Inspiration for the HomeTrips to the beach are popular getaways - but if you can\'t get to the beach, you can bring it to your home.F
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A Sub-Tropical Garden Wonderland In The Byron Bay Hinterland

In 2015, we visited the incredible Northern Rivers home of jewellery designer and landscape architect Lisa Hochhauser and her husband, Robert Bleakley. The couple’s home sits on the crest of a 120 acre hinterland property, surrounded by protected natural heath. At the time, work to cultivate ten acres of unprotected land for a residential garden had only recently been completed. 

Six years after our visit (and close to ten years since its initial completion), this garden has bloomed into full maturity. With a vision to return the land to the biodiverse wilderness it would have once been, Lisa and her team at LANDstudio set out to fill it with as much endemic vegetation as they could find. The lush sub-tropical garden now sits comfortably beside the modern family home, and acres of protected heathland stretching out towards Cape Byron on the horizon.

Mackerel, Buckwheat and Pear Salad – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

This week Stockholm-based Australian photographer Simon Bajada brings us a recipe inspired by a classic Scandinavian ingredient – smoked fish.  In this dish, Simon pairs intensely salty smoked mackerel with fresh, tart pear and crisp celery, and a versatile mustard dressing.

An Amazingly Abundant Lawn-Free Garden In Northcote

If you were asked you to imagine your perfect garden, what would it include? A front yard that acts like a welcome mat to your house? Paving stone steppers that wind a path through lush plants? Beds positively stuffed with soft and colourful flowers? A pizza oven?

Chances are it would look something like the Sharp Street project by Peachy Green, which contains all of these features! This gorgeous suburban garden combines family functionality with a dreamy, rambling ambience that is totally picturesque.

It’s a perfectly balanced outdoor space: every utilitarian moment is softened by greenery, foliage and flora. Put simply, this is a gardener’s garden!


Seaside Inspiration for the Home

/media/k2/items/cache/e9c724eeb5636d1c1c1a2c2e85d40377_L.jpgSeaside Inspiration for the HomeTrips to the beach are popular getaways - but if you can\'t get to the beach, you can bring it to your home.F

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Prior Knowlege Travel

Waaaaay back in 2012, when this blog was but 18 months old, I interviewed Brisbane-born, US-based food and travel editor David Prior. He’s one of smartest people I’ve ever met.

Today we introduce David’s newest offering. Prior Knowledge Travel is a membership-based ‘travel society’ – a luxury service with a not-for-profit arm, focusing on truly unique travel experiences that highlight and preserve culture, rather than exploit it.

Membership for Prior Knowledge is by invitation – register your interest here!

Seaside Inspiration for the Home

/media/k2/items/cache/e9c724eeb5636d1c1c1a2c2e85d40377_L.jpgSeaside Inspiration for the HomeTrips to the beach are popular getaways - but if you can\'t get to the beach, you can bring it to your home.F

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

/media/k2/items/cache/358873fad4914931314b94f2036b503a_L.jpgMake Your Own Advent CalendarCounting down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar can be a fun way to keep the holiday spirit aliv

Stylist Nat Turnbull’s Serene Melbourne Home

Renovating the inner-north Melbourne home of stylist and art director Nat Turnbull, and photographer Sam Wong, has been a...
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A Former Corner Store Turned Sustainable Family Home

It’s notoriously challenging to get council approval for any new home design. Take this home in inner city for example, which took the local council a whopping 414 days (!) to approve!

It was worth the wait. The resulting award-winning ‘Welcome To The Jungle House‘ by CplusC Architectural Workshop was designed by the firm’s passionate director and sustainability crusader, Clinton Cole, for his own young family. By incorporating solar power, thermally sound materials, and an aquaponics system (!) this unique house is an exercise in characterful residential architecture, with the highest sustainability standards.

See Intricate Woven Works By First Nations Artists At ‘Thread Count’

First Nations fibre artists have been threading the stories of their ancestors for generations, using age-old techniques passed from hand to hand. 

Thread Count is an installation that shares these powerful stories and the master weavers behind them. Curated by Nina Fitzgerald, the exhibition at Collingwood Yards brings together some of the finest woven bags and baskets created on Country in Arnhem Land and the Daly River region of the Northern Territory. 

Visitors are invited to consider these works in the context of contemporary fashion, with the hopes of changing the way this uniquely Australian practice is perceived. 

A Healthy Way to Work

A Healthy Way to WorkImprove health and performance at the officeBetween the hours staring at a computer screen and the nearly constant temptation of treats in the breakroom, most offices are not know

A Lush Inner-Melbourne Home That Powers Itself – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

On a long, narrow street in Prahran, you might walk past this white-shingled cottage and think it was a modest new home. But behind this facade lies an unexpected gem – Garden House by Austin Maynard Architects –  a high-tech home that is completely self-powered.

In fact, this clever, contemporary home pushes far more sustainable energy back into the shared energy grid than it uses!

Holiday Crafting

/media/k2/items/cache/88f135a483ef01fac8d7b920488085e4_L.jpgHoliday CraftingBe Inspired by Traditions From Around the WorldBring the joy and celebration of holiday traditions from around the world to

Five DIY Headboard Styles to Revamp Your Bedroom

/media/k2/items/cache/048731097de322302aff7e52151c991d_L.jpgFive DIY Headboard Styles to Revamp Your BedroomWhen it comes to keeping your bedroom décor fresh and chic, it can be difficult to know wher

Gardening With Charlie – Great Homemade Garden Gifts

/media/k2/items/cache/938a195f8810cb9b31c6503221891897_L.jpgGardening With Charlie - Great Homemade Garden Gifts- Some of the best holiday gifts I\'ve ever received were handmade items from the garden.

Get the look and save with DIY fabric painting tips

/media/k2/items/cache/8dc425b2acbf9c68064b8a63eae1ffbc_L.jpgGet the look and save with DIY fabric painting tipsIf you\'re looking to make some upgrades around the house, but don\'t have the budget for b

Get a Fresh Look with Easy Furniture Updates

/media/k2/items/cache/8da476f72f06a276b1f930cdb28c21f1_L.jpgGet a Fresh Look with Easy Furniture UpdatesWhen you grow bored with your furnishings or want to change up the look and feel of a room, you

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