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10 Ways to Still Lose Weight and Travel

There’s no doubt about it — the holidays can seriously throw off months of good eating and fitness habits. Throw holiday travel into the mix, and keeping up with your healthy routine can feel do

The Truth About Snacking and Weight Loss

Most people have a snack at some point during the day. According to research done in 2015 by Mintel, a market research firm, 94% of Americans snack daily. While that percentage might sound high,

Is the Keto Diet a Good Idea For Weight Loss?

By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz about the ketogenic diet. Much like other popular weight-loss diets before it, advocates say it’s the fastest, easiest way to shed pounds. After all, you c

4 Weight Loss Trends Dietitians Want You to Forget

When it comes to weight loss, we know slow and steady is key. But it seems like there’s a constant stream of “extras” that are supposed to help speed up the process and make it feel a little bit

How to Actually Enjoy the ‘20’ of Your ‘80/20’ Diet

If you’ve ever chatted with a nutritionist or read about healthy indulgence online, you’ve probably encountered something called the “80/20 lifestyle.” “The concept of 80/20 is to follow a healt

8 Critical Weight-Loss Tips That Aren’t Diet and Exercise

Most people know what they need to do to lose weight: Eat less, move more. While it might not be that simple for everyone, the truth is, not knowing how to eat well or how to exercise is not usu

10 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen For Weight-loss Success

When it comes to weight-loss nutrition, figuring out what to eat (and how much of it) is half the battle. The other half is minimizing temptation and guesswork to give yourself a leg up. In fact

5 Ways Going Keto Could Affect Your Workouts

The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet is majorly trending right now. In fact, you probably know a few people who have tried it. Just like any other eating style, it works well for some people, w

9 Smart Ways to Combat Stress Eating

Imagine you’re overloaded at work, dealing with family drama or in the middle of a major home renovation. It’s times like these when stress eating strikes and, eventually, it can ruin hard-earne

8 Ways to Stay on Track on Any Given Weekend

Most dieters know weekends present a challenge. On one hand, you want to take part in all the fun things your friends and family are doing; but, on the other, you want to stay within your calori


Seaside Inspiration for the Home

/media/k2/items/cache/e9c724eeb5636d1c1c1a2c2e85d40377_L.jpgSeaside Inspiration for the HomeTrips to the beach are popular getaways - but if you can\'t get to the beach, you can bring it to your home.F

Kid-Friendly Projects Fuel Winter Family Fun

/media/k2/items/cache/2a14beb1aee2d71c6fecb12f25c690f7_L.jpgKid-Friendly Projects Fuel Winter Family FunColder temperatures mean more indoor time, making it a challenge to find activities that will ke

To Dye For Eggs

/media/k2/items/cache/398a8bc2e3f7f879ff0986359513be80_L.jpgTo Dye For EggsDon\'t hide your eggs, display them! Use this guide for the Pantone® colors of the season as well as dazzling design technique