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Tasmania’s Derwent Valley with Rodney Dunn – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

For our travel column this month we’ve jetted off to Tasmania!

Our tour guide for this brief-but-utterly-beautiful getaway is Rodney Dunn of The Agrarian Kitchen, a sustainable farm-based cooking school. The Sydneysider-turned-Tasmanian worked in the food magazine industry, as a food researcher for Better Homes and Gardens, and was a food editor of Gourmet Traveller up until his treechange in 2007.

Rodney treated our photographer Caitlin Mills to his acclaimed Cooking with Truffles Masterclass, and a trip to some favourite spots around the Derwent Valley, in the south-east region of Tasmania.

A Family’s Semi-Rural Home in Narre Warren North

All homes tell a story, but this is especially true of the Narre Warren North home of Sarah Woodhouse and Brad Nicholls’ of Nicholls Design.

The Nicholls’ family home is located on a 100-acre property, owned by Brad’s family for 55 years, alongside the 170-year-old homestead where Brad grew up, and where his mother still lives! Here, three generations of the Nicholls family live and work in close proximity – Sarah and Brad’s furniture business is based on the property, too!

This modernist-inspired family home is actually the second iteration of Sarah and Brad’s house, after their original home (built in 2006) tragically burned down. The central rammed-earth wall was one of the only elements to survive, and forms the centrepiece of their new home, completed in 2012.

Mushroom and Salmon Onigiri with Pickles – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

This month we’re thrilled to welcome Julia Busuttil Nishimura to Tasty Tuesday once more, this time with her husband, Norihiko (Nori) Nishimura!  Both passionate foodies, this month Julia and Nori share with us four of their favourite Japanese dishes to cook at home, kicking off with two versions of a classic Japanese snack food, onigiri!

What Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight According to MyFitnessPal Users

Weight LossWhat Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight According to MyFitnessPal Users

It’s a common occurrence on a typical weight-loss journey to think that once you lose the weight, life will be easier, better, maybe even perfect. But all too often (and not just with weight loss), when one thing changes, it sets off a ricochet of other changes that you couldn’t even fathom at first.

Since losing weight often comes with more than just baggy clothes and a lower number on the scale, we asked MyFitnessPal users for unexpected revelations. Here’s what you shared:

There might be some jealousy

You continually order sizes way too large for your smaller shape

Less fat might mean more wrinkles, and that’s OK

You might re-evaluate your tribe

So. Much. More. Energy.

Being more self-conscious rather than less

How easily you can get cold now

That you could stay so committed

Smaller feet

Becoming a bit obsessed

Wearing dresses again


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