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A Malaysian-Inspired Adaptable House In Brisbane

To really get a sense for the way his clients wanted to live, architect John Ellway travelled to Penang in 2017 shortly before beginning this project in inner-city Brisbane. His clients were born and raised on this small island off the north-west coast of Malaysia, and wanted to bring a similar style of living to their new home in Paddington.

Due to the nature of their shift work, and the need to host family visiting from overseas (sometimes for months at a time), it was essential that their new house was adaptable to a fluctuating number of occupants. As a result, John designed a house that expanded and contracted as necessary: parts could be closed off for sleep or relaxation during the day, and other parts activated when family members or friends arrived to stay.

Filled with light, air and views to the lush natural surrounds, this house breathes in and out, to calmly ensconce its inhabitants.

A Modernist-Inspired Haven Hidden On The Mornington Peninsula

St Andrews Beach is a seldom mentioned slice of Victoria’s Mornington Pensinsula. Wedged between Cape Schanck and Sorrento, the rugged coastline faces Bass Strait rather than the bayside views favoured by the more popular townships on the opposing side of the coastal strip.

But this sense of undiscovered seclusion right in the heart of Victoria’s most popular beachside destination is exactly what the owners of this modernist-inspired beach house were seeking. It’s the perfect local getaway – and yes, you can stay here!

Exploring Some Of The Best Swimming Spots In Australia!

At least once a week I (Sally) indulge myself in an escapism fantasy – it’s the same almost every time. I imagine leaving behind the commitment to rent, work and next week’s dinner plans, throwing my bathers and a towel in a bag and hitting the road in search of rivers, lakes, beaches, natural pools and watering holes. Only in my dreams, right?

For Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon, this recurring fantasy was their reality for much of 2017. Taking a break from their fast-paced careers in digital media and environmental science respectively, Caroline and Dillon spent eight months travelling around Australia exploring the country’s swimming spots to compile Places We Swim, a stunning travel guide documenting everything from the humble to the secluded to the spectacular.

This afternoon we chat to the duo about life on the road, checking out of ‘real life’, and their favourite places to swim.

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

TravelTips for a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

Man and child carrying luggage to a car - 11561

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

From the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge, the country is bursting with fun, family-friendly vacation destinations. National parks are a classic road trip choice. Amusement parks, museum-packed cities and quiet camping spots are other All-American favorites.

Before packing your bags and heading out, it’s important to plan ahead, set a budget, build some fun into your travel time and prepare the car. Then you can fire up the GPS, pack a cooler, crank up the radio and head out on the highway.

Pack Savings Into Your Vacation
The whole point of a fun, family road trip is making memories that will last a lifetime. But those memories can be expensive. Decide early in your vacation planning which items are splurge-worthy and where you can save a little money:

Frugal Fun
—Once you plan your itinerary, visit the website of each place you’ll be visiting, as well as the location’s visitors bureau for information and good deals on top attractions. Amusement parks often offer discounted tickets when you plan to visit more than one day. Likewise, museums and other tourist attractions often bundle their tickets with others in the area. These tourist passes can be a great bargain.
—Look for package deals when booking your hotel. If you compare the rate for a standard room night with those that throw in free museum or amusement park admissions, you might just pocket big savings.
—If you have a membership to the zoo, art museum or science center in your area, it is possible you can get free or discounted entrance fees at similar facilities nationwide.

Ease the Pain at the Pump
—Saving money during summer months when gas prices are normally higher can be as simple as driving smarter. Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can lower gas mileage. Also, avoid idling for long periods of time.
—Consider a new combustion enhancing fuel additive technology. Independent lab and road tests show that an additive, such as Synergyn XTrA MPG, can improve fuel economy up to 20 percent or more, in some cases.
—Keep your car well-tuned and fix any problems immediately. It’s also important to keep tires at the correct pressure.
—Improve engine performance, lower operating temperature during hot summer road trips, reduce wear and chances of maintenance problems on the road with an anti-friction oil additive technology such as Synergyn Engine Treatment.

Eat Economically
—When you arrive at your destination, ask the locals where to eat. Eating local specialties is a great way to really experience the culture of your destination and save.
—Pack a cooler full of bottled water, fruit, vegetables, cereal and sandwich fixings. It will not only save money, it is a great way to minimize the number of stops along the way.
—Make lunch your main meal. Restaurants usually serve the same entrees at lunch and dinner. The only difference? The price is nearly always significantly smaller at lunch. So, if there is a restaurant you can’t wait to try, check it out when prices are cheapest.

Rest for the Weary
—Check online for home rental opportunities instead of just booking a hotel. Websites connecting homeowners with vacationers can offer deep discounts on room nights in popular cities.
—If you pledge your allegiance to a single hotel chain, you can rack up some serious loyalty points. Cash them in for free nights or room upgrades.

For more information on improving fuel economy and reducing engine temperature and reducing wear, visit www.synergynusa.com.



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