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Celebrate the Humble Bean Because Today is Eat Beans Day!

July 3 is Eat Beans Day. To celebrate this bean-tastic day, why not try out one of these tasty alive recipes?Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the … better you feel! Okay, so it’s not

An Amazingly Abundant Lawn-Free Garden In Northcote

If you were asked you to imagine your perfect garden, what would it include? A front yard that acts like a welcome mat to your house? Paving stone steppers that wind a path through lush plants? Beds positively stuffed with soft and colourful flowers? A pizza oven?

Chances are it would look something like the Sharp Street project by Peachy Green, which contains all of these features! This gorgeous suburban garden combines family functionality with a dreamy, rambling ambience that is totally picturesque.

It’s a perfectly balanced outdoor space: every utilitarian moment is softened by greenery, foliage and flora. Put simply, this is a gardener’s garden!


An Earthy Home With Heart, Built For Two Generations of Family!

After moving into a converted cowshed at the end of her parents’ property (!) in Byron Bay, architectural designer Zana Wright and her partner, builder Sam Jolly designed and built this absolutely stunning new self-contained home on the property. Honestly, have you ever seen anything so serene?

The new house is made of local materials, and is deeply connected to the environment. The deal is that Zana, Sam and their baby Lumi rent the home they designed and built for the moment, with Zana’s parents set to move in later when they are ready to downsize. Everyone wins!

Get the look and save with DIY fabric painting tips

UncategorizedGet the look and save with DIY fabric painting tips

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Get the look and save with DIY fabric painting tips

If you\’re looking to make some upgrades around the house, but don\’t have the budget for brand new designer curtains or rugs, you can still get the latest looks on the cheap. Here are a few do-it-yourself fabric painting tips and tutorials to help you get your place looking like you spent a fortune, while keeping everything within budget.


Window treatments can really tie a room together, no matter how large or small the space you\’re decorating. But if you\’re looking to replicate a designer\’s look straight from the glossy page of a home décor magazine, a few swaths of expensive fabric curtains can quickly break your budget.

Take a note from Apartment Therapy\’s DIY Printed Fabric tutorial. Using cotton fabric, latex paint and a pattern created using a stencil, you can easily recreate your favorite designer curtains and window treatments.

Rugs and Carpets

Add some color to your home by following this simple DIY Painted Rug tutorial from the blog The House of Smiths. Dressing up an inexpensive rug is an easy way to add some sophistication to your home that mimics patterns and styles found in design magazines. Using tape, latex paint, vinyl stencils or pattern pieces, you can easily recreate the look of a high dollar area rug. For a larger rug, check out this DIY Rug Tutorial from Pudel-design.

Throw pillows and furniture

You can also use similar painting techniques with fabric paint to create throw pillows or fabric and upholstered furniture as well. Whether you\’re working on pillows or furniture, make sure you start by painting the pattern on the fabric, just as a professional would start with professionally printed fabric.

Stencils and patterns

Whether you\’re looking to recreate the look of a specific pillow, window treatment or even a shower curtain, you can find stencils online to help you master the design. Here are some resources for online stencils and patterns:

  • Find designer stencils covering everything from contemporary patterns to Celtic designs at www.designerstencils.com.
  • For designer-quality stencils in everything from Mediterranean Florentine to Indian floral, www.royaldesignstudio.com has you covered.
  • If you\’re looking for free patterns, you can find a variety by simply searching the Internet for free stencils as well.

The best part about creating your own stenciled fabrics and rugs is that because you\’re saving on the cost of a designer price tag, mistakes can be rectified by simply purchasing extra fabric or an extra rug. To avoid mistakes, try creating your pattern on newsprint or paper first before executing the design directly onto the fabric or rug itself.



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