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An Outside-the-Box, DIY Halloween Costume Combination

/media/k2/items/cache/a6e4d9622a775d7eed800918154a7577_L.jpgAn Outside-the-Box, DIY Halloween Costume CombinationEven though Halloween may look a little different this year for many families, there ar

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Creative Ways to Add Order to Your Home

UncategorizedCreative Ways to Add Order to Your Home

Wall DIY organizer - 12899

Creative Ways to Add Order to Your Home

Although there are hundreds of options for organizing your home, the pieces you make yourself are the ones that truly reflect your personality. Adding your own flair to standard organizing materials adds instant character and functionality to any room.

Making the most of your space – including your walls – is the key to successful organizing. Channel your inner creativity with help from the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and add chic style to your storage with distressed wooden boxes hung to create artful, cubby shelves or this hanging bulletin board, which uses cleverly stylish clothespins and clips to protect your treasured photos and messages from thumbtack punctures.

Find more inspiration for your organization projects at joann.com.

Wall Organization

Crafting time: More than 5 hours
Skill level: Beginner

Supplies and Tools:

  • 1 1-inch flat brush
  • 1 each Homedecor Chalk Finish Paint: Teal, Sheepskin, Cascade, Parisian Grey, Oatmeal
  • 3 large Woodline Works unfinished crates
  • 2 small Woodline Works unfinished crates
  • sandpaper
  • old rag or soft cloth
  • 1 bottle Homedecor white wax

Paint each box a different color and let dry. Paint the box again using a different color than the bottom color and let dry.

Lightly to moderately sand each box to expose paint underneath to give each box a distressed look.

Using an old rag or soft cloth, rub each sanded box with white wax and let dry. Buff each box to give it a finished look and feel. Hang boxes in a cluster to create a shelf organizer with multiple storage spaces.

12899 Creative Ways to Add Order to Your Home embed1

DIY Burlap Bulletin Board

Crafting time: Varies
Skill level: Intermediate

Supplies and Tools:

  • 2/3 yard patterned burlap
  • unframed cork board
  • scissors
  • staple gun
  • small hammer
  • 3/8-inch grosgrain ribbon
  • glue dot runner
  • high temperature hot glue gun
  • chalkboard clothespin clips
  • chalkboard clothespins
  • thumbtacks
  • decorative ribbons and trims, such as chalkboard plaque

Cut burlap about 5 inches wider and longer than cork board.

Place burlap (pattern down) on a smooth surface and center cork board (face down) on top of it. Wrap burlap around edges of board and staple it to the back using a staple gun, pulling burlap tight as you go. Notch out burlap and staple around it to allow for holes to hang the cork board.

Staple burlap along the length of the board on both sides before working on corners. Then, take a corner piece and pull it tight toward center of the board and staple. If any staples are sticking up, use small hammer to tap in tighter.

Use coordinating grosgrain ribbon to create a decorative border. Use glue dot runner to apply glue dots to one side of ribbon along a length about 2 inches shorter than cork board. Starting 1 inch in from the edge of the board, lay down glue-dotted ribbon so that it adheres to burlap. At the corner, flip ribbon over and follow same steps for the next side. A small dot of glue from hot glue gun will help keep corners flat and in place.

To personalize and embellish board: hot glue thumbtacks onto back of chalkboard clothespins clips, which won\’t puncture holes in letters or notes that are attached to the board. Add decorative ribbons and trim that add a unique element and pop of color.


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