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An 1870s Church Turned Stylist’s Family Home In South Australia

There’s SO much history in this 1870 South Australia property, having been a church, Masonic lodge, and a yoga studio over its many lives!

Today, the heritage building is the converted family home of Sarah and Adam Fairhead Hall. What was essentially one large space has been divided into liveable rooms including a new mezzanine designed by Adam, who is a drafter, and styled by Sarah, who is a stylist and vintage seller at Read&Hall, and accomodation owner of My Sister & The Sea and Love & Mutiny

It’s not easy to make a large space feel cosy, but Sarah and Adam have achieved the near impossible with their creativity, patience, and incredible eye for eclectic vintage wares!

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Lose Weight

On the path toward losing 100 pounds, Karla Pankow got plenty of encouragement from her fellow gym-goers, family and friends. But she found the biggest boost came from her smartphone. “Social me

A Perfect Family Garden In Camberwell

We feature a host of architecturally extended homes, so it’s a joy to highlight a designed garden that responds so thoughtfully to a renovation.

Not overdone, nor too sparing, this outdoor oasis Ian Barker has created to complement a family home in Camberwell is just perfect!

An Imaginative, DIY Halloween Costume

UncategorizedAn Imaginative, DIY Halloween Costume

An Imaginative, DIY Halloween Costume - 14954

An Imaginative, DIY Halloween Costume

Few traditions are as popular on Halloween as picking out the perfect costume. This haunting season, think outside the box – literally – and use boxes from your recent deliveries to create a unique DIY costume, or “boxtume.”

Boxtumes are a perfect way to express your creativity and stand out at any spooky gathering. Plus, they can be a fun way to get crafty with family and friends to create costumes for children, adults, couples and groups that can be as simple or elaborate as your imaginations desire. For example, this DIY Ice Cream Truck Boxtume just requires supplies like cardboard boxes, tape, paint and glue, allowing your personality to shine through with customization.

With households across the country already taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s unlimited fast, free shipping and entertainment benefits, your costume inspiration could be just one click (or box) away. If you’re feeling extra crafty this season, try upcycling those smile boxes to craft other custom Halloween items, such as treat containers, spooky centerpieces and decorations.

Share your creativity online using #Boxtumes and #PrimeLife, and find more inspiration and step-by-step guides at amazon.com/boxtumes2019.

DIY Ice Cream Truck Boxtume

Project courtesy of Krafts by Katelyn


  • 1 medium Amazon smile box
  • 1 small Amazon smile box
  • Duct tape
  • Hot glue
  • Paint, variety of colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • 1 Amazon smile box, any size, to cut out details
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper, variety of colors
  • Colored markers, variety of colors
  • Letter stickers
  • Ribbon
  1. Using medium box and small box, create foundation of truck shape. Use duct tape to secure flaps in closed position. Open top and bottom of medium box and fold in all flaps on bottom. Use duct tape and hot glue to secure open flaps in place.  Use hot glue and duct tape to attach small box to short side of medium box.
  2. Using white paint and paint brush, paint both boxes inside and out.
  3. Using painter’s tape as guidelines, paint vertical candy stripes about halfway up both sides of “truck” in desired color.
  4. Using extra box and scissors, cut out wheels, windows and awning then paint desired colors.
  5. Using hot glue, attach pieces to “truck.”
  6. Using colored paper and markers, create ice cream cone decorations. Connect using hot glue then hot glue decorations to “truck.”
  7. Add letter stickers, as desired. Using markers, add extra details such as lights, as desired.
  8. Using hot glue, attach wide ribbon to top inside edges of “truck” to create straps.



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