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David Rosetzky and Sean Meilak – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Whilst proper winter temperatures have well and truly set in, and Melbourne’s trees are beginning to look decidedly bare this week, you’ll be pleased to know we still have a couple of beautiful local gardens up our sleeves to get us through these gloomy and not-very-green winter months.

We are particularly excited about this one – a super tiny but lusciously leafy garden in Brunswick, belonging to artist David Rosetzky and his partner, artist Sean Meilak. Such an incredible use of a small outdoor space!

Our gardens columnist Georgina Reid gives us the full story.

A Designer’s Japanese-Inspired Melbourne Family Home

When designer Kim Kneipp’s partner Lou Weis asked what she would love in a house, she imagined somewhere with a north-facing garden, within walking distance of her son’s school, and already renovated. 

This Victorian home in Brunswick East ticked all the boxes, except for the renovation! After some quick cosmetic updates when they first moved in (while Kim was seven months pregnant!), the family embarked on a major renovation, including a prefab extension. 

The completed home combines Lou’s luxurious design aesthetic with Kim’s salvaged style, and fondness for Japanese design, resulting in what she calls ‘humble luxury!’

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A Pristine Mid-Century Family Home Buried In Greenery

creative-peoplearchitectureA Pristine Mid-Century Family Home Buried In Greenery

Sometimes in life, heretofore unknown pleasures hove into view like they were always right there, just waiting for you.

Case in point; this slice of secret architecture embodying such elevated sophistication it holds its own among landmarks from contemporaries of some 60 years ago; Boyd, Clerehan, Kagan, etc. Yet the architect in question, Alan Nance, poses a mystery and his output seems to have been limited.

What we do know is that this family home has passed through time with little updating – though that (squeee!) yellow kitchen was clearly a 70s flourish – and maintains every aspect of its masterful conception, from the in-built joinery cleverly hiding away appliances, to the outdoor access afforded every bedroom, to the star of the show; the office mezzanine a split level wonder under which one can sit and watch the moon track across the double-height glazing.

And don’t get us started on the timber in a multitude of gorgeous applications, nor the lighting reflected off the panelled ceiling, bouncing the glow out onto the street, calling all those who understand and overcoming some with such desire that the present owners have been door-knocked by local design aficionados seeking a peek.

Sadly, it makes us nervous that this unprotected legacy sits within a suburb terminally afflicted with the blight of McMansions, though we remain quietly confident the transcendent beauty of this house overrides any ideas of disfigurement or worse. We cross our fingers and hold our breath.

149 Mountain View Road, Balwyn North will be sold on December 11th at 12pm by Daiman Kane and Nick Fletcher at Fletchers. See the full listing here. 

The tiered courtyard at the rear. Photo – Courtesy of Fletchers.

Timber detailing decks the floors walls and ceiling. Photo – Courtesy of Fletchers.

The study is secreted in the floating timber body above. Photo – Courtesy of Fletchers.

The volumes are incredible! Photo – Courtesy of Fletchers.

The view from the study captures greenery from all angles, courtesy of the panoramic windows. Photo – Courtesy of Fletchers.

Even on the exterior this house retains its sparkle. Photo – Courtesy of Fletchers.

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