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A New Way To Experience The Garden Of St Erth

The Garden of St Erth was initially cultivated by The Diggers Club in 1996, and is located in Blackwood, Victoria. This green oasis offers glamping stays, so roll out of Melbourne CBD and slide into this patch of absolute paradise!

Revisit the original story here.

There are six bell tents installed within the garden of St Erth, allowing guests a luxury overnight stay in the incredible garden. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.

The gorgeous old sandstone cottage was built in the 1860s. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.

River views! The garden has direct frontage to the Yarra River. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Sarah loves the tranquillity of the garden. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

‘We eat in the garden a lot in summer. It’s such a beautiful place to sit and have a meal’, says Sarah. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Roraima Nursery is 4.5 acres of retail nursery and gardens at Lara, just north of Geelong in Victoria. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.

After many years of work, Lyle opened the gardens at Roraima to the public around two years ago. They are a wonderland of sculptural and unusual plants and a great way to showcase the potential of many of the plants for sale in the nursery. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.

Anna and the team at Pepo Botanic Design are constantly tweaking the planting in the garden. It’s a never-ending process! Photo – Daniel Shipp.

Lush planting frames the pathway leading from the entry garden to the eastern lawn.  Photo – Daniel Shipp.

Beneath the eastern lawn lies a shady, leafy garden meandering around Bronte gulley. It’s a magical place. Photo – Daniel Shipp.

Anna and the team at Pepo Botanic Design are constantly tweaking the planting in the garden. It’s a never-ending process! Photo – Daniel Shipp.

Klaus and Anne Schindhelm’s spectacular apartment garden, designed by Adam Robinson. Adam’s focus was the central planting area of the garden. The bones of it –the paving, stairs and retaining walls – were retained. Photo – Sue Stubbs

Clipped plant forms contrast with loose, grassy plants to create visual interest and movement within the garden. Photo – Sue Stubbs

The garden is very exposed – receiving full sun all day and very strong winds. Photo – Sue Stubbs

Eco Outdoor’s Endicott Split Stone natural stone flooring tiles feature in the garden’s dining area with a fireplace. Photo – Felix Forest.

The aim was to maximise the feel of the outdoor spaces by creating individual areas that lead to one another but are visually separated by vegetation,’ says William Dangar. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

The site offers rare views across the iconic Sydney skyline right through to the Blue Mountains. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Eco Outdoor’s Endicott Split Stone natural stone flooring tiles are featured in this incredible design. Photo – Felix Forest.

Ben Shaw in his Geelong garden. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Peas! Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Cheese expert, writer and TV host Will Studd in his gorgeous sub-tropical Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Will and his son Sam picking zucchini flowers in the garden. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

He worked with local plantsmanMike Lickfold and his partner Helen Fawell, who did all the ornamental planting. Photo – Caitlin Mills.

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