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10 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

With this arsenal of our favourite healthy snacks, you won’t be tempted by the chips and chocolate and candy anymore.We’ve all been there: it’s 2:30 pm and suddenly the vending machine is calling your

You’ve Lost Weight, Now How Do You Keep It Off?

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Six Australian Makers Leading The Reuse + Repurpose Movement

Craft and design are integral in influencing how materials are selected, used, and repurposed in modern society.  

This notion forms the basis of Alternative Provisions – Craft Victoria’s latest exhibition featuring the work of six artists, makers and designers repurposing organic matter and discarded waste into beautiful and productive items. 

From table lamps made from recycled waste glass, to fishing nets manipulated with masterful weaving and sewing techniques, discover the potential of conscious alternatives in this exciting exhibition.  

Sandstone And Smokebush Sing In This Japanese Inspired Garden.

GardensSandstone And Smokebush Sing In This Japanese Inspired Garden.

This garden in Bellevue Hill by Spirit Level Design started with a very simple and clear brief from the client. Director Hugh Main describes how the first engagement with this owner came with the succinct statement ‘I have a garden that is not really working, can you help?’ From this humble request, the landscape designers brought the garden to life, to reflect the Japanese minimalism of the home, with an Australian twist.

Hugh explains that the design of the garden reflects the restraint of the home, but with softened edges, and nestled into the hillside. He describes ‘we have translated elements from a zen garden, and created a space that is tranquil and quiet.’ In addition to reflecting the mood of the architecture in the garden, the design encourages connection between inside and outside with expansive doors that connect the outdoors with the dining room, living room and kitchen. Hugh highlights ‘once the doors are open, it feels as though each room has its own framed view of the garden.’

In the garden, local sandstone is used for all paving and walls, softened by organic farms of planting. The garden is entered by walking through sandstone walls to a courtyard of smoke bush and ivy. Moving through the home and into the backyard, the space opens out to the glow of a turquoise pool, and ‘the garden wraps around the space, offering privacy and intrigue’. Hugh describes how the recurring forms of grey, silver and green ‘blur the lines between the house, pool and the property boundaries.’

The design offers plenty of space to lounge on the daybeds by the pool, or have a drink of the terrace outside the bedroom and enjoy the view over the garden, rich with Helychrisum petiolare, Raphiolepis intermedia, Raphiolepis Oriental Pearl and Elaeagnus pungens. The green, grey and silver foliage of these plants shimmers together, providing a serene outdoor experience.

The Bellevue Hill Garden, by Spirit Level Designs, and architecture by Casey Brown. Photo – Jason Busch.

Green and silver and grey offer a soft organic balance against the Sydney sandstone. Photo – Jason Busch.

The home opens out to the backyard, welcoming the outside in. Photo – Jason Busch.

The bowls were carefully selected by the owner. Photo – Jason Busch.

Photo – Jason Busch.

The brilliant turquoise splash of the pool. Photo – Jason Busch.

Photo – Jason Busch.

Plenty of room to recline around the pool. Photo – Jason Busch.

The glow of smoke bush. Photo – Jason Busch.

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