Photo Prints Of The Amalfi Coast And French Riviera






Stuart Cantor was in Positano a couple of years ago to attend a friend’s wedding. In the downtime from celebrating (and LOTS of dancing), the Melbournian ended up photographing the lands and streetscapes that caught his eye. But rather than forget these captured moments on a memory card, upon returning, Stuart had his photographs enlarged and printed to display in his home.

‘The prints seem to be well-received by friends,’ he modestly tells, and with that encouragement, photography continued to grow into a passion for him. ‘I decided to create a start-up and see if others enjoyed my work,’ he explains.

Stuart had studied Construction Management at university, which led to work in high-end residential developments in London and Melbourne. Initially, photography was something he did outside of his day job, making time for after hours or on weekends. But last year he took his passion project full-time. To date he has produced series in Morocco, France, and Italy, but the stunning Amalfi Coast, ‘with its topography, beach blues and that Italian lifestyle’ a favourite location that keeps calling him back.

Seen here are photographs from his Amalfi Forever and recent Riviera Dreaming series. ‘These locations have that timeless nature about them, and if I can capture some of the old world nostalgic feel and essence in my work, then I am happy,’ tells Stuart, who shoots with a Fujifilm digital camera.

Stuart actively allocates his time between the creative process and operational matters to keep the ‘creative energy flowing’, and highlights daily meditation and yoga as really helpful. ‘I think continuously learning and always looking forward positively is hugely important – take the time to step back, be open and take in as much as possible… read as much as you can, visit galleries regularly, travel and experience other cultures where possible,’ he recommends.

Taking his own advice, Stuart will be expanding into Europe this year, collaborating with a St Tropez swimwear brand that will see his work feature in flagship stores in St Tropez and Ibiza. There is also a project with a London-based group in-progress, a pop-up galleria in Italy mid-year to be announced soon, and a new series on the way!

Stuart’s prints are available in limited editions of 25, in various sizes, framed or unframed. See more at and follow @stuartcantorphotography. Framed works can also be viewed at his home studio in East Melbourne, by appointment.  

Sorrento Summer Days. Photo – Stuart Cantor.


Atrani. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

Le Reserve. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

Amalfi Times. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

Departing Da Luigi. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

One Fire Club. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

Post Lunch Bliss. Photo – Stuart Cantor.


Pink Parfait. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

Melbourne-based photographer Stuart Cantor Photo – courtesy of Stuart Cantor.

Smokey Sundown. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

Riviera Relax. Photo – Stuart Cantor.

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