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We’re typically known for our sweet treats at Pana, but we thought this month presented a perfect opportunity to showcase our more savoury side!

This is a dish that brings together both the traditional concept of cacao (sweet) with the challenge of new (savoury). The pickled vegetables ‘growing’ from the cacao soil combined with the nut cheese brings together a myriad of flavours which touches sweet, salty, smooth, crisp, sour and fresh in one plate. This is the dish if you dare to be different!

Nut cheese with pickled vegetables ingredients. Stone Fossil Trivet from Safari Living. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, photo – Eve Wilson.


Nut cheese served with pickled vegetables. Tapas dinner plate from Country Road, HAY Gold Dot glass from CULT and Cutipol Fork from Francalia. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, photo – Eve Wilson.

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