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Ceramicist Jess Choi On Feeling The Fear, But Doing It Anyway!

Hands up who, in the last 12 months, has dreamt of giving up their 9-5 to pursue their creative passions? What has remained a daydream for most of us has become a reality for ceramicist Jess Choi of Eun Ceramics. Although Jess is still taking on a few gigs as a production manager in TV here and there, she’s (wheel) throwing everything into her true passion – ceramics. And despite feeling ‘imposter syndrome’ when she first put herself out there, her little business is thriving.

Jess found a lot more than just a hobby when she first took up casual pottery classes in 2016. Five years later and she’s found a way to be her own boss, and unexpectedly, reconnect with a part of her Korean heritage.

A Classic Victorian Terrace, Reimagined As Three Light-Filled Pavilions

Fitzroy Bridge House started as a typical Victorian terrace: beautiful, but lacking in natural light and ventilation. 

Rather than add a contrasting extension (a common heritage renovation approach), Matt Gibson Architecture + Design designed a series of mews-like buildings to expand the Melbourne home.  

Breaking the linear layout that typically defines these historic terraces, the updated home features three separate volumes, linked by a glass bridge above and two internal courtyards below. This ingenious approach invites light and air into the narrow site, without compromising on movement or space within.

The Ultimate Melbourne Penthouse Of Bruce + Chyka Keebaugh

The Mornington Peninsula home of Bruce and Chyka Keebaugh, co-founders of The Big Group, has been one of the most popular in The Design Files’ history, so we reckon you’re going to love this one. This penthouse apartment is the couple’s new city pad, and we have to say, it’s pretty major!

Bruce and Chyka combined two off-the-plan apartments and completely customised the interiors in their own unique style, reimagining the floorplan (less bedrooms, more space to entertain!) and adding plenty of bold colour, treasured artwork and personal touches.

It’s only been eight months since they moved in, but this space couldn’t feel more distinctly Bruce and Chyka!

Top Up Your Fruit and Veggie Intake with Homemade Juice

FOODTop Up Your Fruit and Veggie Intake with Homemade Juice

Top Up Your Fruit and Veggie Intake with Homemade Juice

Juicing is an excellent way to fill some of the gaps in our nutritional profile.

How many of us eat the recommended seven to 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day? According to recent research, not enough. A 2004 Statistics Canada survey revealed that the average Canadian adult is getting 5.2 servings per day. Further, news sources report that a recent study by the Dietitians of Canada found that of more than 2,000 respondents, nearly a quarter said they had not consumed any fruits or veggies the previous day.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to load up on some of the nutrients we may be lacking: juicing. Although juicing should not be our sole source of fruits and vegetables, as we lose out on a lot of dietary fibre by not consuming the whole fruit, it is an excellent way to fill some of the gaps in our nutritional profile.

Juicing equipment
If you’ve got a juicer collecting dust in your cupboard, you’re all set. If not, don’t worry about going out and buying one; you can get excellent results by using your high-powered blender instead of a juicer. Just add the fruits and vegetables to your blender with a cup or so of water (depending on which fruits or vegetables you are using), blend, and strain through a mesh bag (often called a nut milk bag).

The leftover pulp that remains can be added to your compost (your plants will love it!), or added to muffins, loaves, and other baked goods, as well as soups, stews, and pasta sauces for an added fibre punch.

What to juice?
Don’t be shy: try a variety of combinations to find out which blends you prefer. Common juicing options include apples, beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, cranberry, cucumber, grapes, kale, oranges and other citrus fruits, pineapple, and watermelon. Also, don’t be afraid to try blends of both fruits and veggies, such as delicious apple, beet, and carrot juice.

Get juicing
If combining different produce freaks you out, the following juice recipes will have you juicing like a pro in no time.

  • Wonderful Watermelon Juice
  • Energy Enhancement Juice
  • Immune System Booster Juice
  • Blue Banana Smoothie
  • Carrot Mango Delight
  • Weight Loss Booster
  • Ambrosia

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