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Meatless Monday: Pizza, Please!

This Meatless Monday, skip the meat lovers deluxe and make a veggie-loaded pizza that your family will love.Pizza is probably the best thing ever invented, no? Crisp crust, spicy tomato sauce, gooey c

Bucket List Travel Destinations for 2019

Bucket List Travel Destinations for 2019Taking time to go on vacation or to just unplug from everyday life can be beneficial, and there’s certainly no lack of options when it comes to choosing an idea

A Photographer’s Rustic Country Home + Private Bar!

Photographer Marnie Hawson has a  talent for capturing intimate, slightly rustic spaces in regional areas around the country… so its no surprise that her own home firmly fits within this category! 

Marnie and her husband, whisky specialist Ryan Hawson, moved into this house in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges two weeks before their wedding. They didn’t plan to stay long, but nine years later, they’re still here!

The couple has made some changes to the 1890s cottage since then, namely a kitchen refurbishment and recent garden landscaping. Their styling and private bar (!) pays tribute to the history of the site, including the area’s former local post office.

Top 10 best cookie recipes

FOODTop 10 best cookie recipes

Top 10 best cookie recipes

This week we’re rounding up our top 10 favourite cookies, including some for those with gluten and other sensitivities.

With the holidays just around the bend, it’s time to start thinking about holiday baking. This week we’re rounding up our top 10 favourite cookies, including some for those with gluten and other sensitivities.

Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies
Just like Mom used to make them—but with a healthy twist, swapping in whole wheat flour for the typical all-purpose variety.

Chocolate Mint Melties
Do we even need to explain why these are so delicious? Made with spelt flour, these babies are wheat-free (though not gluten-free, so make sure you know the difference).

Crisp Peanut Butter Cookies
These are actually gluten free, but they don’t taste anything less than delicious, packed with crunchy peanuts and crispy rice cereal.

Wholesome Strawberry Thumbelina Cookies
Where most cookie recipes use a hefty amount of sugar, this recipe uses date and apricot purées to add sweetness to the cookies. 

Peanut Butter Cookies
Experience the original melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookie, with added chocolate chips. Need we say more?

Amaretti Cookies
These gluten-free cookies are made with a combination of almond and sorghum flours for a smooth texture and nutty taste.

Lemon Cookies with Cinnamon Date Topping
These chewy treats are also sweetened naturally with apricot and date purees—perfect for those trying to limit their added sugar intake.

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Made with chunks of chocolate and chewy dried cherries, these cookies are the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Almond Butter Maple Cookies
Sweetened with Canada’s liquid gold, maple syrup, these cookies hit the spot with sweet tooths and nut-lovers alike.

Chocolate Apricot Walnut Cookies
This “madeover” cookie recipe may be healthier than the typical store-bought chocolate cookie, but doesn’t lack in flavour!

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