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A Pint-Sized Coastal Home That Does More With Less!

Harriet Birrell aka Natural Harry aims to live as minimally as possible – a philosophy that extends to her Bellarine Peninsula home, shared with her husband, sustainable building designer Fraser West.

At just 40 square metres, this pint-sized home is smaller than the average one-bedroom Melbourne apartment! But the couple wouldn’t have it any other way. With multipurpose features galore and vast open surroundings, what the home lacks in size it makes up for in functionality and access to nature.

Not gonna lie, this pretty much looks like THE DREAM after the last few months of lockdown in Melbourne!

A Minimalist, Semi-Prefabricated Beach House

The Bundeena House by Tribe Studio is a prototype for an assemble-on-site kit home. Located at the beachside town of Bundeena in NSW, this project  is a response to distinct challenge identified by Architect Hannah Tribe – the need for more good, thoughtful architect-designed homes, without hefty construction costs.

Hannah designed this partially pre-fabricated beach shack with a focus on good orientation, maximum natural light, and lower heating and cooling bills. It has the ‘vibe’ of an architecturally-designed house, without all the bespoke finishes, and bells and whistles that can often blow out the budget.

This prototype serves as Hannah’s own family beach house, which has allowed her full freedom to experiment and innovate!

An 1870s Church Turned Stylist’s Family Home In South Australia

There’s SO much history in this 1870 South Australia property, having been a church, Masonic lodge, and a yoga studio over its many lives!

Today, the heritage building is the converted family home of Sarah and Adam Fairhead Hall. What was essentially one large space has been divided into liveable rooms including a new mezzanine designed by Adam, who is a drafter, and styled by Sarah, who is a stylist and vintage seller at Read&Hall, and accomodation owner of My Sister & The Sea and Love & Mutiny

It’s not easy to make a large space feel cosy, but Sarah and Adam have achieved the near impossible with their creativity, patience, and incredible eye for eclectic vintage wares!

Tapas for Two

FOODTapas for Two

Tapas for Two

Tapas is the trendy art of small-plate dining, setting the stage for a tactile evening of romancing your food

Tapas is the trendy art of small-plate dining, setting the stage for a tactile evening of romancing your food. These small plates are for sharing, tasting, and trying a variety of different foods, many of which can be eaten with fingers instead of forks.

These fragrant aromas and palpable textures will get your head spinning and your heart thumping—a must when celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Tapas is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, often touted for its heart-healthy benefits. Unlike a typical North American diet, the Mediterranean diet is based on whole grains, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of fish. It limits unhealthy fats and uses meat sparingly as more of a flavour enhancer than the main course. Moderation is the key.

Research from the Mayo Clinic indicates that a traditional Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart disease. All those antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables lower cholesterol, a substance that builds up in the arteries and causes heart problems.

Tapas is a social, sharing event. It involves conversation, engagement, and dedicated time spent with one another. This type of wellness mindset is a big part of Mediterranean culture. Luckily, under the guise of Valentine romance, we make an effort to eat together, quietly and without the usual distraction that can dominate daily life. A tapas-inspired dinner couldn’t be more appropriate (or romantic) for Valentine’s Day—heart-smart food combined with tender moments shared with those we love.


  • Farro Salad with Roasted Tomatoes and Fennel
  • Lentil-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers
  • Sherried Shrimp with Romesco Sauce

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