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An Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Bangalow Home – Transformed On A Budget!

Having a baby and renovating a home must be two of the most stressful and exciting life transitions… graphic designer Holly McCauley and husband Nich Zalmstra, an apprentice cabinet maker, who dabbles in filmmaking!) undertook both at once, when transforming this 80s fibro shack into a family home.

We chat with graphic designer and gallerist Holly about her love of Bangalow in the NSW Northern Rivers, and how having a cabinet maker as a partner really helped bring this renovation to life! Holly and Nich share their home with daughter Della May Plum (3), and are expecting a new family member, due in January!

A Restorative Farm Stay Designed For Sydney Families

For a family weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, put Jamberoo Valley Farm at the top of your wish list.

Located on the New South Wales South Coast about two hours south of Sydney, this working permaculture farm hosts a serenely styled holiday home, made for idyllic country experiences.

Carving Softness From Stone With Carol Crawford

‘I consider myself a late career artist,’...

October is Non-GMO Month

FOODOctober is Non-GMO Month

October is Non-GMO Month

Did you know that October is Non-GMO Month? Learn the problems with genetically modified foods, and how consumers and organizations are fighting back.

Did you know that October is Non-GMO Month? Organized by the Non-GMO Project, the campaign offers a chance to raise awareness about genetically modified foods, how prevalent they are, and what people can do to avoid them.

GMO food
Genetically modified foods have been criticized for their health concerns but Canada still has no laws enforcing labelling of foods with GMO ingredients. Since 1994, more than 100 genetically modified foods have been approved by Health Canada. Recent GMO developments include pigs and salmon and SmartStax Corn.

To fight the rise in genetically modified foods, the Non-GMO Project has developed a voluntary process-based, best-practices labelling system of non-GMO foods. After all, if GMO food doesn’t have to be labelled, why not label non-GMO food?  Non-GMO Project Verified products’ ingredients are tested, and the company does all it can to avoid contamination.

What you can do
Along with purchasing products that have the Non-GMO Project Verified label, consumers can also take matters into their own hands by buying certified organic products and by contacting companies to ask whether the product contains genetically modified ingredients when unsure. The more companies are contacted, the more they will realize that this is an issue that matters to citizens.

If you’re a US resident, you can also sign a petition calling for the FDA to label genetically modified foods. 

Finally, celebrate non-GMO month and spread the word! Events include film screenings, rallies, conferences, and parties.

Handy resources
These guides can help you navigate the aisles of your grocery store GMO-free:

  • True Food Shopping Guide
  • Greenpeace’s Shoppers Guide

Learn more
Find out more by visiting the Non-GMO Project website, or the Non-GMO Month homepage.

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