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I Scream, You Scream … For National Ice Cream Month!

July is National Ice Cream Month, so celebrate with these tips and recipes from alive.In 1984 former president Ronald Reagan declared July National Ice Cream Month—a month to be celebrated with \"appro

THIS Is How You Renovate An Architect-Designed, Mid-Century Home!

It’s a tale as old as time (or at least the past 30 years). An architect-designed, mid-century home goes up for sale, the property is sold… then demolished in favour of a new McMansion. 

That was the likely fate of this 1969 house in Sydney’s Lindfield, but luckily, interior designer Amelia Hesketh, founder of Frank Designs, swooped in to save the day!

Since purchasing the property seven years ago, Amelia has completed a thoroughly sympathetic renovation. By sticking to her guns, and employing skilled craftspeople along the way, she’s created a home that captures the best of 1960s design, while supporting her young family’s lifestyle.

A Financial Planning Tool for Every Stage of Life

A Financial Planning Tool for Every Stage of LifeFrom heading off to college to marrying the love of your life to taking those dream vacations, life’s biggest moments are often tied to being financial

Meatless Monday: the Breakfast Dinner

FOODMeatless Monday: the Breakfast Dinner

Meatless Monday: the Breakfast Dinner

This Meatless Monday, take back the breakfast dinner and enjoy this meat-free meal with all the morning fixings!

For me, few things rival the breakfast dinner—that is, breakfast foods eaten for dinner. Perhaps it’s a nostalgia thing; breakfast dinners are a favourite childhood memory of mine. Or maybe it’s one of those “so wrong it’s right” things—I mean, breakfast for dinner? If that doesn’t say rebel, I don’t know what does. For whatever reason, breakfast foods taste slightly more delicious when eaten in the evening.

Unfortunately, however, the traditional breakfast dinner is often rooted in saturated fat-laden bacon and sausage, making breakfast dinner a total artery clogger (bummer!).

This Meatless Monday, take back the breakfast dinner and enjoy this meat-free meal with all the morning fixings!

Jeera Alu (Potatoes Fried in Cumin): a modern take on the traditional hash browns. Cook them in a cast iron skillet for extra flavour and crispiness.

Vegetarian Molasses Baked Beans: just add the ingredients to your slow cooker and forget about them. Easy and delicious!

Quinoa and Avocado Scram Slam: vegans can skip the egg and Parmesan and instead use firm tofu crumbled and fried with salt, pepper, paprika, and nutritional yeast.

Tempeh “Chorizo”: an excellent substitute for sausage and bacon. Make ahead and freeze for an easy thaw-and-reheat addition to your breakfast dinner.

Banana Spelt Pancakes: spelt flour is packed with a broad array of vital nutrients including selenium, zinc, niacin, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Acai Smoothie: wash it all down with this antioxidant-rich smoothie.

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