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Artist Miranda Skoczek On Single Parenting, Smelling The Roses + Spontaneity

Miranda Skoczek is an exceptionally talented and accomplished artist, but it’s not work or money that motivates her – it’s family.

Previously living in an inner-city apartment, Miranda moved to the Dandenongs five years ago with her son Harper (11) to be closer to nature. The pair share a home with Miranda’s aunt, Margaret/Gosia, which has afforded Miranda immense support as a parent, artist and individual. 

We’ve featured Miranda’s work numerous times on The Design Files over the years, so it’s wonderful to gain this insight into her personal world.

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Game Night Munchies

FOODGame Night Munchies

Game Night Munchies

Healthy game night snack recipes will satisfy players of all ages.

Are you looking for a way to breathe some life into a dull evening at home in the dead of winter? Quell the winter blahs by inviting friends and family to a game night where you can play board games, cards, or darts, and watch the competition heat up!

As important as the games you play are the foods you serve. If a game night brings on memories of heartburn from salted potato chips and soft drinks, then we’ve got some delicious alternatives that will have your friends lining up to be on the invitee list.

Catering a cozy game night is as much fun as playing the games. There’s nothing over the top or excessively time consuming, just great healthy grub: easy to prepare, easy to digest.

Our ideas cater to three different age groups—from the youthful retiree to the Gen-Xer to kids. Your friends will want to jump on board to host their own night, but be warned: they’ll likely ask you to be the caterer.

Kids’ corner

Provide the kids with a variety of mini toppings that they can assemble. It’s fun and generally guarantees that they’ll eat what they make—unless they fill up on Power Balls!

  • Mini Personal Pizzas for the Little Crowd
  • No-Bake Power Bars or Balls

The Gen-Xer

The Gen-Xer would likely opt for a vegetarian entrée such as our Roasted Red Pepper Ratatouille. The sauciness is great with coarse bread for dipping. For added protein stir in some drained, canned chick peas and heat through.

  • Roasted Pepper Ratatouille

The youthful retiree

For the youthful retirees in your group, prepare appetizers that beat the blahs and spice up the evening.

  • Eggplant Dip with Veggies
  • Baked Spinach and Potato Samosas

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