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A Colourful Log Cabin Surrounded By Forestland

In early 2020, interior stylist Emma O’Meara, her husband Simon, and their young kids were gearing up for an eagerly anticipated family trip to Italy. I think you know the end of this story.

But the cancelled holiday presented Emma and Simon with the opportunity to purchase their very own getaway  – a log cabin in Johanna, a magical part of Southern Victoria in the Otways, where the beach and the bush meet. The family have undergone some DIY renovations to update the cabin, transforming it into a colourful short-term accommodation that stays true to its original style, and reflects its spectacular surrounds.

Beautiful, Botanical Prints From A Local Artist

From the studio in her mudbrick home in Ringwood, textile designer, painter and illustrator Georgie Daphne paints colourful botanical worlds. Her brilliantly verdant houseplants cascade from terracotta pots and adorn vibrant table settings – creating whimsical, eye-catching arrangements.

Named ‘Plant Gang’, the artist’s new collection depicts joyful, homely moments in lilac, blue, musky pink, green and orange as limited-edition prints, which are on sale now. So cute!

Slow Braised Ribs with Italian Slaw – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

DEVASTATED to say farewell today to our favourite local foodie, Julia Busuttil Nishimura!  Julia’s comforting Autumnal recipes have made the transition to wintery weather just a little more bearable for me this month. Thanks too to Melbourne ceramicist Jessilla Rogers for her input, creating all the stunning tableware featured in this month’s recipes!

Julia leaves us today with a melt-in-your mouth recipe, just perfect for a wintery weekend feast.


Calorie counts may be incorrect

FOODCalorie counts may be incorrect

Calorie counts may be incorrect

Nutritional labels are based on raw food, but a recent study has determined that cooking meat and potatoes increases their calorie count.

The calorie count found on the Nutrition Facts tables on food packaging may be incorrect.

Why? Because nutritional labels, even those for meat and potatoes, are based on raw, not cooked food, and a recent study has determined that cooking meat and potatoes increases the amount of energy they can provide (in other words—their calorie count).

Researchers speculate the increased energy may be because cooked food is easier for the body to digest. The study also suggests that because the same amount of food provided more energy when cooked, cooking food played a key role in the evolutionary success of humans.

What does this mean for a raw food diet?
The jury may still be out when it comes to raw food advocates who claim that uncooked food provides more nutrients and is a healthier choice. A raw food diet does not include meat (cooked or uncooked) and the recent study only examined the energy gain of meat and sweet potatoes.

What is known is that cooking food also kills many potentially harmful bacteria and pathogens, meaning a lesser burden on our immune systems.

What does this mean for a weight loss diet?
If you choose your food by counting calories based on food labels, you may be consuming more calories during the day than you think. It’s too early to say whether food labels will be changed, but in the meantime, strict calorie-counters may want to keep this finding in mind.

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