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The Summer of Road Trips

The Summer of Road Trips5 tips to make your 2021 road trips successful and safeIt’s officially summer road trip season, which means it’s time to pack your bags, pick a destination on the map and go. A

A Creative Family's Eclectic Apartment in Melbourne’s CBD

If you told a younger Michael Chazan he’d raise his future family in an off-the-plan CBD apartment, he probably wouldn’t believe you… but funnily enough, it’s now his dream home. 

The furniture designer and creative director of Le Space, which he founded with his partner, photographer/curator/educator Ying Ang, live here with their almost-three-year-old son, Oska Shübi, and have found that apartment living is the life for them. 

Over the past three years, the couple have placed their own maximalist stamp on the Melbourne apartment, with plenty of personal touches, plants, self-made furniture, and soft lighting. It’s a home that really feels lived in – we love it! 

The 'Stuff'-Filled, Off-The-Plan Fitzroy Apartment Of Two Architects!

Kim Lai and Tom Orton, founders of architecture practice We Are Humble, are big fans of ‘stuff’, and it clearly shows in the styling of their Fitzroy home!

The couple bought this apartment off-the-plan in 2014, but they’ve only been living here for a year, since returning from New York City.

We paid Kim and Tom a visit to see how they’ve brought their personality into every facet of this smallish space!

Avocado 8 ways

FOODAvocado 8 ways

Avocado 8 ways

Prized for their creamy-smooth texture, rich taste, and heart-healthy fats, avocados are more popular now than ever.

Prized for their creamy-smooth texture, rich taste, and heart-healthy fats, avocados are more popular now than ever. Plus, their unique yet mild flavour pairs well with a ton of ingredients, making it the perfect addition to many wonderful (and sometimes weird) dishes.

Here are eight ways to incorporate more fatty acid-rich avocados into your life!

In a salad
Avocado’s versatile taste marries well with the tart grapefruit, sweet beets, and rich wild salmon. Top your favourite salad with half an avocado to amp up the flavour!

On a sandwich
Avocado adds that California kick to a grilled chicken sandwich, and becomes the star of the show in a vegetarian sandwich layered with fresh veggies such as cucumber, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, and butter lettuce. Top toast with sliced avocado and layer a perfectly poached egg on top for a delicious, protein-rich breakfast.

In a soup
Make a creamy, no-cook soup with avocado as the base. Or top your favourite Mexican-inspired soup, such as fiery gazpacho or tortilla, with sliced avocado. Chili is excellent topped with fresh avocado, too!

On a burger
Beef, chicken, vegetarian—whatever your pleasure—avocado elevates your burger from dive-worthy to gourmet in seconds. Feeling extra adventurous? Whip up a batch of smoky guacamole for an added flavour boost.

In a smoothie
Who knew that avocado could make such a rich, satisfying smoothie? The Brazilians did, with avocados and smoothies as staples in their diet! Avocado smoothies can be made savoury or sweet, with an added natural sweetener such as honey.

In an appetizer
Let us introduce to you the easiest yet crowd-pleasing appetizer. They’re called Smashed Avocado Toasts, and yes, you guessed it, they consist of smashed, seasoned avocado atop crispy baguette slices. Too easy, right? For a fancier, slightly more time consuming appy, try out these Brown Rice Tofu Pockets, straight from Tofino, BC’s SOBO.

In a salsa
For those of you who haven’t experienced the yummy medley that is mango and avocado, try out this Jamaican-inspired salsa—you’ll be so happy you did. A fruit-free avocado-spiked salsa can also do the trick, spooned atop a free-range chicken breast or filet of sustainable white fish.

In sushi
Sushi just isn’t complete without buttery, ripe avocado. For a fun family activity, have a sushi night with the kiddies! Thinly slice veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, and of course avocados, as well as apples, and any other favourite sushi ingredient and get rolling!

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