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A Minimalist Home Where The Landscape Takes Centre Stage

The brief for this masterful home in the Sunshine Coast’s Mount Mellum region was to create a luxury mountain escape that maximised views at every opportunity.

The resulting home by Sparks Architects is simple in plan, but complex in its relationship to the site. Arranged as two pavilions in an ‘L’ shaped formation, the home wraps around a raised courtyard that becomes the focal point of the entire project.

This outlook, paired with the infinity pool opposite, creates the ultimate home to observe the landscape. Its secluded, elevated position offers constantly shifting views of clouds and their play over the ocean and Glass House Mountains.

A Lush Heritage Garden in Sydney – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

Today our gardens columnist, Georgina Reid of The Planthunter, takes us through a lush heritage garden in Sydney.

Designed around 20 years ago, it has been re-invigorated by Sydney-based landscape designer Michael Bates. He’s embarked on a considerate update, with a little ‘chainsaw gardening’ to make way for the new!

Meatless Monday: Tofu Tikka Masala

This recipe contains two key components of a vegetarian diet that boast thoroughly researched health benefits: tofu and turmeric.Modern science has shown that those who follow a vegetarian diet have a

Attention all Party Hosts: Try these Alcohol-free Drink Recipes!

FOODAttention all Party Hosts: Try these Alcohol-free Drink Recipes!

Attention all Party Hosts: Try these Alcohol-free Drink Recipes!

Be prepared with lots of snacks and alcohol-free drink options when you’re hosting a holiday party.

Although the holidays are all too often a time of overindulgence, many people are looking to reduce their alcohol intake this holiday.

Drinking too much alcohol can be extremely dangerous, both long- and short-term. Learn how much alcohol is safe for you, set a limit for yourself, and don’t go over it. Or, you can skip the alcohol entirely—there’s no rule that you have to drink at all!

Keep in mind that even if you drink, some of your guests may not wish to, so you should be prepared with other options when you’re hosting a holiday party. These alcohol-free drinks are suitable for kids and adults alike, and are special enough to serve at your festive get-togethers.

Cold drinks and cocktails

  • Chai Iced Tea
  • Ambrosia
  • Kedros (Citrus) Cocktail (Use ginger ale rather than ginger beer in this cocktail to make it alcohol-free!)
  • Green Tea Smoothie
  • Ginger Lemonade
  • Rhubarb Lemonade
  • Wonderful Watermelon Juice

Hot drinks

  • Hot Chocolate Protein Shake
  • Vij’s Chai

Snack recipes for holiday parties
If you do decide to offer alcohol at your holiday party, make sure to include enough snacks for guests. Drinking on an empty stomach increases alcohol’s effects on the body.

These delicious finger foods are easy for guests to pick up and enjoy:

  • Almond Hemp Crackers with Eggplant Dip or Lemony Herb Veggie Dip
  • Spring Rolls
  • Festive Nachos with Smoky Guacamole and Mexican Flag Salsa
  • Personal Pizzas

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